How to get the Shadow Warrior skin in Warzone 2 DMZ

How To Get The Shadow Warrior Skin In Warzone 2 Dmz Free Unlock

There are several free skins you can get from completing missions in the Call of Duty: Warzone 2 DMZ mode and this guide covers how to get the Shadow Warrior variant of Zimo. The look is a conservative tactical gray appearance with the odd addition of some skeletal bones printed over the gloves. The national flag of China is also badged on Zimo’s tactical vest.

Those interested in the Shadow Warrior skin will be pleased to know it’s relatively easy to get provided you follow the steps outlined. We’ve outlined everything with instructions and highlighted map locations. Follow this guide and you’ll have no trouble navigating the Excavation mission to unlock the Shadow Warrior .

Cod Warzone Dmz Dragon Warrior Excavation Redacted Mission Locations

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How to get the Shadow Warrior skin in Warzone 2 DMZ

The Shadow Warrior skin is unlocked by completing the final Tier 3 Redacted mission called Excavation. You’ll need to complete the other five missions of that Tier to unlock Excavation. Once it’s available, you can start the mission by heading to the tallest building in Al Mazrah city and finding the sniper’s note on the rooftop halfway up. You can use a zipline to get up to the rooftop. The note is under a staircase.

You’ll then receive the orders to place three Trackers at different bunker locations. However, you’ll need to get the trackers from the Al Bagra Fortress off the south shore of the island. One tip many players don’t know is that you can actually get the Trackers before you pick up the Sniper’s note to save a lot of time and effort.

how to unlock shadow warrior skin warzone 2 Al Mazrah Fortress Dead Drop Dmz Location Where Is

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The bunker locations are relatively near Al Mazrah City, so acquiring the Trackers first will make the rest of the mission relatively quick. You can glide from the rooftop straight to the first bunker entrance on the east side of Al Mazrah City. You need to enter the underground parking deck and follow the right wall until you find a stairwell that goes down several levels. The Tracker needs to be placed on the wall in the stairwell. Place the Tracker on the wall where you see the orange arrow spray-painted.

You’ll find the next location under the northernmost bridge on the map between Taraq Village and Al Mazrah City. Look for a breach in a concrete wall and enter the room to find a red crosshair spray-painted on the wall where you place the second Tracker.

Al Mazrah Place Tracking Devices Dead Drop Excavation Mission

The last Tracker needs to be placed at the Rohan Oil Access Tunnels. These are in the center of the location. You’ll find another spray-painted orange arrow on the wall in one of the backrooms where you’ll then place the last Tracker. The mission will then complete and you will receive the Shadow Warrior skin and 20,000 XP.

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