How to get Tiger Shark teeth in Dave the Diver

How to get Tiger Shark teeth in Dave the Diver

Shark teeth have been the jewelry of choice for middle-aged men and super cool surfer dudes for generations. I think the implication is that they have either fought a shark and won or they have a profession in underwater dentistry. Either way, the shark tooth trade is still a roaring one and shows no signs of slowing down. In Dave the Diver, collecting Tiger Shark teeth is less to do with a dubious fashion statement and more to do with building an absolutely gnarly gun. Three Tiger Shark teeth will allow Dave the Diver to build the Flame Sniper 2, which brings destruction to everything below the waves. Here’s the best way to acquire them.

How to get Tiger Shark teeth in Dave the Diver

The Tiger Shark is a formidable enemy, and you’ll be forgiven for doing what you can to avoid it. Unless you need its meat and teeth, the fight is not worth the ammo or oxygen. There are better and easier to kill fish in the deep. The Tiger Shark is a slow enemy, so easy to avoid for Dave the Diver. However, due to its size, it’s going to take some beating. Its teeth are randomly dropped on defeat, so you may have to make a few attempts.

How to get Tiger Shark teeth in Dave the Diver

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Where to find the Tiger Shark

The Tiger Shark is an absolute leviathan of the deep. It is easily one of the biggest early-game enemies you will face. The Tiger Shark is first encountered by Dave the Diver as he tries to make his way into the sunken cargo ship in an effort to recover the model for Duff. This is where Dave the Diver will always find it.

How to beat the Tiger Shark

The best method I found for killing the Tiger Shark in Dave the Diver is to use a combo of upgraded sniper rifles and sensor bombs. The Tiger Shark is slow, so dodging around it and making distance is easy. From there, you can have Dave the Diver place bombs and pick away at the Tiger Sharks’ health, baiting them into the traps. There is always an ammo pack close by, so the low ammo of the sniper won’t be an issue.

Bear in mind the Tiger Shark teeth are a rare drop, so killing the Tiger Shark a few times will be necessary.

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