How to Get & Use Steel Net Sensor Trap in Dave the Diver

Cobra's Premium Shop in Dave the Diver

Tea Steel Net Sensor Trap is one of the best materials in Dave the Diver, as it can help you gather two fish at a time. However, this item differs from the standard gear you’ll obtain along the way due to its exclusivity to a specific system within the game. So, if you aren’t sure where to find it, we’ll explain how to get this unique trap.

Where to Get Steel Net Sensor Trap in Dave the Diver

The Steel Net Sensor Trap can be purchased at Cobra’s Premium Shop for 85 Gold. According to its description, you won’t be able to find it anywhere else, including the cases you can open while in the sea.

Cobra's Premium Shop in Dave the Diver
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You should be able to afford the object by increasing your cash flow from the sushi restaurant, especially if you’ve unlocked the Branch location. Players can also sell unwanted materials to Cobra or exchange resources at the farm, fish breeding destination, and Bancho’s eatery.

Keep in mind that Cobra’s Premium Shop will not always feature this item, given the system’s randomized daily selection.

How to Use Steel Net Sensor Trap in Dave the Diver

To use this contraction, you can place it down by holding the ‘C’ button and wait for a larger fish to trigger the device. It’s recommended to watch the critter’s pathway and then lay out the trap in front of them.

Setting a Trap in Dave the Diver
Image Source: MINTROCKET via Twinfinite

Although the Steel Net Sensor Trap is designed for bigger fish, it still has a limited capacity for creatures, such as sharks, Blue Hole Depth critters, and bumps. You’ll likely use it for fast-moving fish like Tuna and Marlin to make the process more accessible.

Once players capture a fish successfully, they can haul it up with the Salvage Drone, saving more room for Dave’s inventory.

Now that you know where to get the Steel Net Sensor Trap, you can increase the challenge by finding out how to tranquilize sharks. Be sure to also explore the relevant links below for more Dave the Diver content.

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