How to Get Water for Villagers in Medieval Dynasty

How to Get Water for Villagers in Medieval Dynasty

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to get Water for Villagers in medieval dynasty and how you can make a renewable and automatic water source.

medieval dynasty is not just a survival game — it’s also a village builder. Aside from Building homes for your Villagers, you’ll also need to supply them with Food through Farming and with Water from various sources. In this guide, we’ll tell you how to keep your People supplied with Water!

How to Get Water for Villagers in Medieval Dynasty - Well Next to a Building and Lake

Fastest Way to Get Water for Villagers in medieval dynasty

The fastest way to get Water for Villagers in medieval dynasty is by collecting ripe Berries in the Summer. Placing ripe Berries in your Food Storage will count as supplying Water for your Villagers.

Unripened Berries — which you can find in Spring — can cause negative status effects, so you’ll want to avoid putting those in your Food Storage. Unfortunately, using Berries as your Water supply is not really sustainable in the long term — you will simply spend too much time collecting them to ensure that the Water needs are met.

If it is not Summer, then the fastest way to get Water for Villagers in medieval dynasty in any Season is by using Wells filled with Buckets. Here’s how to do it quickly:

  1. Build at Woodshed.
  2. Build a Workshop.
  3. Build a Food Storage.
  4. Build a Resource Storage
  5. Build a Well.
  6. Cut down Trees to collect Logs.
  7. Convert Logs to Planks at the Woodshed. 1 Log makes 2 Planks.
  8. Craft Buckets at the Workshop. 2 Planks make 1 Bucket.
  9. Fill the Bucket at the Well.
  10. Place the Bucket of Water into the Food Storage.

Buckets of Water placed in Food Storage will fulfill your Villagers’ need for Water. When the Buckets are empty, they’ll be returned to the Resource Storage with reduced Durability (until they eventually break).

How to Get Water for Villagers in Medieval Dynasty - Woodshed Near Some Trees

How to Get a Renewable, Automatic Source of Water

Once you’ve established your Village and you have a few Villagers living there, you can automate the process of collecting Water by assigning Villagers in the correct Buildings. Here’s how to do that:

Necessary Buildings

Build the following in your Village:

  • Housing for 4 Villagers (at the minimum)
  • Woodshed
  • workshop
  • Food Storage
  • ResourceStorage
  • Well

Assign Workers

Assign Workers to these jobs at these Buildings:

  • 1 Lumberjack at the Woodshed to collect Logs
  • 1 Lumberjack at the Woodshed spending 50% of the time collecting Logs and 50% of the time making Planks
  • 1 Craftsman at the Workshop to make Buckets
  • 1 Water Carrier at the Well to collect and store Water using Buckets

Here’s how this all works: the Resource Storage stores resources (such as Wood, Stone, and Leather), and the Food Storage stores Food and Water. Workers assigned to the Woodshed can gather Wood from Trees or make Planks. Planks can then be used at the Woodshed to Craft Buckets, and those Buckets will then be taken by a worker assigned to the Well to be filled with Water.

Filled Buckets will subsequently be placed in the Food Storage by the Water Carrier. Once they’re emptied, they’ll be moved to Resource Storage and the cycle will begin again. You may need to fine-tune the process by adjusting working percentages in your Villagers, but this is the most sustainable way to ensure that your Villagers have all the Water they need.

This is the basic idea behind the process, but it won’t be truly automatic and sustainable until you have more People living in your town. Buildings will decay, People will die, and there will be other problems you’ll occasionally have to deal with. Still, your Villagers should be able to handle the majority of the work.

That’s the end of our guide on how to get Water for Villagers in medieval dynasty. Make sure to check out our other guides below!

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