How to Get Water in Forever Skies

How to Get Water in Forever Skies

Forever Skies is a survival game that bears many marked similarities with rafting, though with a sci-fi/environmental twist to it. This article will show you how to get water in Forever Skies as soon as you start the game, as well as the best ways of having a constant supply of water.

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Best Way to Get Water in Forever Skies

Forever Skies Screenshot showing a green-ish world in the background with a water condensor sitting on the outer part of a space ship.

By far, the best and most accessible way to gather water is to use the condenser that you start out with on your ship. In your first ship, you automatically get a condenser, but to use it you’ll have to scan a floating synthetics cluster to unlock the condenser and membrane in your research station.

Condensors gather dirty water pretty quickly, but require you constantly create and use membranes to make them work.

Forever Skies Screenshot showing several condensors and a few rain collectors standing in a group outside a space ship.

You can also use a Rain Collector to gather dirty water, which is less efficient but does offer constant passive collection without using resources. The best set ups use several of each, though you’ll have to modify this depending on the design of your ship. If you’re struggling with building a capable and survivable vehicle, you can use our Forever Skies ship-building guide to get a head-start.

Find and scan a source of copper from a Wind Farm to unlock the rain condenser in your research station.

How to Clean Water

Forever Skies Screenshot showing a water purifier sitting on the wall of a space ship with a destroyed human city in the background.

To make your water safe, you’ll need a purification machine. You can make one as soon as you have access to the replicator, and it’ll cost you three machine parts, five metals, and twenty synthetics.

Also research bottles at the Research Station for 10 Synthetics, as an empty bottle is required to move water between sources and into the purifier. Over time the purifier will slowly turn dirty water into clean water, and you can bottle it or drink it directly once the current batch is completely finished.

How to Get Water

As well as the methods you get at the start of the game, there are some other ways to get your hands on a large amount of water.

Gathering Water

Forever Skies Screenshot showing a rusty rain collector filled with a lot of dirty water.

Many of the different locations that you can stop at will have rain collectors dotted around the place of various sizes. Always keep a few empty bottles on you to scoop it up, and you should have no issue subsidizing your water supply.

Some locations are more prone to having collectible water than others, so head over to our locations and map guide to get more info on which types of towers have the most water available.

Big Bottles

Forever Skies Screenshot of a menu screen showing various inventory items as well as a giant bottle.

If you want to carry around more water, you need bigger bottles. You can unlock these the first time you scan or pick up Epoxy, which you can find in our handy Resource Guide, and they can carry quadruple the amount of water that regular bottles hold.

Filtering Bottles

Forever Skies screenshot showing a pale-green spherical plant sticking to the side of a central beam.

If you’re getting bored of having to use your water purifier each time you collect water, you can get a filtering bottle that automatically filters any water you put into it. These things only carry two units of water at once, so you’ll need several to stock up. You can unlock the filtering bottle by scanning a Green Colander which can be found clinging to the central mast of most Garden locations (pictured above.)

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