How to get your characters to level 100 in Halls of Torment

Halls Of Torment Sorceress At Level 100 In Forgotten Viaduct
Halls Of Torment Sorceress At Level 100 In Forgotten Viaduct

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In Halls of Torment, your character levels start from scratch with each new run. You have a half-hour if you want to take them to level 100 or higher. Making the most of your time is vital as you work to complete quests that ask you to soar to those lofty heights. To help you get off on the right foot, here is our guide telling you how to get your characters to level 100 in Halls of Torment.

Halls of Torment – how to get your characters to level 100

You’ll probably defeat the game’s bosses and thoroughly explore the various dungeons well before you’re ready to get each of the seven characters to level 100. Don’t worry about that particular objective until very late in the game. When you’re finally ready to get your characters to level 100, start by doing the following:

  • Equip the Jade Amulet.
  • Equip other gear that focuses on critical attacks, elemental damage, and standard attack enhancements.
  • Completely master all offensive blessings.
  • During your run, focus on traits that improve movement speed, critical attacks, and attack frequency.
  • Choose abilities that rapidly fire powerful projectiles.
Halls Of Torment Sorceress Recommended Loadout For Level Progression

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The above strategies will set you up for success with each character, if you follow them closely, but let’s look at them in more detail.

Tea Jade Amulet increases your XP gain by 50%. This makes a huge difference all by itself. It’s the one piece of gear every character should probably equip in order to get to level 100. However, it can’t get you there on its own. You must maximize your damage output.

When you choose gear, make sure to include the amulet, which rules out using the otherwise helpful Collar of Confidence. This means you have to find some other way to reliably improve damage output. For a lot of classes, that means equipping the Ruby Circletwhich adds a bonus to damage deal to burning enemies.

Halls Of Torment Archer Run In Forgotten Viaduct

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Master all of your blessings, as possible. If you have to skip any of them, lose the ones related to defense. If you’re killing enemies quickly enough to gain levels and get to level 100 within the time limit, defenses and HP are less important. Priorities are Attack Speed, Area/Project Size, Damage, Duration, Movement Speed, Effect on Hit Chance, Attack Range and even Pickup Range. Also improve your Fire Damage and Lightning Damage.

As you select traits, work on offensive enhancements first. You will need defensive capabilities, but go with options that enhance Defense or Block ratings while providing secondary effects. Some examples include enhanced movement speed, health regeneration, or higher maximum HP. It’s also useful to improve your pickup range and movement speed. That way, you spend less time gathering XP. Otherwise, anything related to critical attack damage and frequency for your primary weapon is key. If you have Reverberant Tinkture, use it to double the effects of traits that improve critical attack percentages.

Finally, go with abilities that hit frequently. Dragon’s Breath is the only area-of-attack ability I make a priority. I also like Kugelblitz, since the upgraded version distributes damage well. Otherwise, Transfixion and Phantom Needles are my favorites and Ring Blades gold Arcane Splinters can work in a pinch. Upgrade abilities early. Focus on fire rate enhancement and critical hit percentage. Abilities clean up weak enemies and maximize XP drops.

Halls of Torment is available to purchase on Steam.

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