How to make Fan Boats in Tears of the Kingdom

How To Make Fan Boats In Tears Of The Kingdom

The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom introduces even more fancy fantasy technology than Breath of the Wild, including fantasy rechargeable batteries to power fantasy boat generators by using the fan in your room when it gets too hot. There are multiple bodies of water you cannot cross with swimming alone. You can build a traditional sailboat if you wish, but the far quicker method of sailing involves attaching a fan to the boat and letting it blow across the water. Here’s how to make Fan Boats in Tears of the Kingdom.

Flying across water with bedroom fans in Tears of the Kingdoma how to guide

You will most likely first come across the fans after the Shrine of In-isa, if you follow the instructions to venture past the cavern to the other side. There will be constructs standing around a fan who can’t seem to build a raft.

How To Make Fan Boats In Tears Of The Kingdom Construct

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Well, luckily for you, you already know how to do just that. There are convenient logs placed to stick together with Ultrahand. All you have to do is also attach one of the fans lying around (not the one they’re staring at, though, they will get upset) to the back of the raft. Really try to get it in the center, as its prone to blow off course.

How To Make Fan Boats In Tears Of The Kingdom Lift

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The fan is powerful, but keep in mind it’s not as powerful as the current, so be sure to drop the certified Fan Boat in away from the edge of the water (not that I definitely didn’t make that mistake). Then be sure your Energy Cell is charged, and just hit the fan with any weapon.

It activates, and across the water you’ll go if all goes well. If it runs out of charge, simply recharge your Energy Cell with another Zonai material and hit it again. And if it blows you in the wrong direction, detach the fan and reattach it in the desired direction.

Now you know how to make Fan Boats for the foreseeable future of water crossing this game will inevitably have.

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