How to make your citizens happy – Amenities in Civilization 6

How to make your citizens happy - Amenities in Civilization 6

In Civilization 6 amenities are local mechanics (city-centric) that allow you to measure the ‘happiness’ levels of your citizens. They are one of the core game mechanics that help cities grow and yield increase. If you want your cities to prosper and expand, you must provide your citizens with amenities. We will show you how to make your citizens happy and tell you everything that you need to know about amenities in Civ 6.

We have previously covered every secret society in Civilization 6, in case you wondered how each of them works and what you’ll get from joining them.

Amenities mechanics in Civilization 6

Each individual city in your empire requires a certain number of amenities in order to keep its citizens happy. This number is based on the city’s population. The number of amenities that affect the citizens may have a positive or negative impact. The sum of positive and negative amenities gives the current amenities level which is compared to the city’s required amenity level.

The first two citizens don’t need any amenities. One amenity will be needed for the third citizen. Every additional two citizens from three and up raise the number of amenities needed for the city to be content by one.

For instance, a city of 5 or 6 citizens will only need 2 amenities to be content, whereas a city of 11 or 12 people will need 5. The general formula for a city to be content is the following:

  • Amenities = (Population/2) and the result is rounded up.

All in all, the current level of satisfaction in a city is determined by the balance between the amenities required and the amenities available. Bonuses or penalties may occur depending on the amenities level:

  • +10% Growth and +5% non-food yields for +1 total amenities in a city.
  • -15% Growth -5% non-food yields for -1 total amenities in the city

Amenity sources in Civilization 6

Now that we have covered the basics of how amenities work, let’s talk about the various sources of them in Civilization 6. Overall, there are seven ways to get positive amenities.

Luxury Resources

Each luxury resource may provide your empire with up to 4 amenities, plus an additional one for each of the four cities that most need them. Automatic distribution occurs as long as the Luxury resource is upgraded. While they can be traded, extra copies of a resource do not grant more amenities. Luxury resources are one of the main sources of amenities in the early game.


There are certain social policies that have a positive impact on your amenities and can be found throughout the civic tree. Some of them are:

  • New Deal (+2 Amenities, +4 Housing, and -8 Gold to all cities with at least 3 specialty districts)
  • Retainers (+1 Amenities to each city with a garrisoned unit)
  • Sports Media (+1 Amenities to cities with a Stadium)
  • Liberalism (+1 Amenities to cities with two specialty districts)
  • Civil Prestige (Established Governors with at least 2 Promotions provide +1 Amenity and +2 Housing)
  • Republican Legacy (All cities with a district receive +1 Housing and +1 Amenity.)


Another way to get amenities in Civ 6 is by building an Entertainment Complex. It’s a district that’s all about making your citizens happy and keeping your empire chill. To unlock this feature, you must have the Games and Recreation Civic first.
Water Park is a specialty District, similar to Entertainment Complex. It requires Natural History Civic in order to unlock it and you have to build it on a coast or a lake tile.

You cannot build a Water Park if there’s an Entertainment Complex in the city and vice versa.

Great People

Great People like artists, merchants, engineers, scientists, or warriors can totally change the direction of a whole civilization on their own. In Civ 6, every Great People has their own name and special effect based on their historical impact.


Religion is a philosophical system of spiritual Beliefs that was developed by a Great Prophet and disseminated among the people of many cities all over the globe.

  • River Goddess (+1 Amenity to cities if they have a Holy Site District adjacent to a River.)
  • Zen Meditation (+1 Amenity in cities with 2 specialty Districts)

National Parks

The total appeal of all the titles present in a national park is the production of tourism for that park. Your civilization will get more amenities if you establish a national park. You will gain two amenities for the city that owns the park and one for each of the four imperial cities that are closest to it.


There are seven Wonders in total that will provide amenities for your cities. In alphabetical order, we have:

  • Alhambra (+2 Amenities)
  • Colosseum (+3 Amenities within 6 hexes)
  • Estadio do Maracana (+2 Amenities to all cities)
  • Golden Gate Bridge (+3 Amenities)
  • Great Bath (+1 Amenity)
  • Huey Teocalli (+1 Amenity)
  • Temple of Artemis (+1 amenities)

These are all the ways to accumulate amenities in Civilization VI at the moment. In case you can think of something else, leave a comment below and we will make sure to review and add it. As it is in real life: keep your citizens happy and your cities will prosper!

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