How to open Void Relics in Warframe

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When you play Warframe, you play to get new weapons, Warframes, and build your power in any way you can. There are hundreds of missions to tackle, each one filled with enemies to slaughter, but you’ll need the best gear in the game for a few of them. Prime Weapons and Waframes are the best gear you can get, but they’re not easy to obtain. You must farm and open Void Relics to find the items you desire. This guide explains how to open Void Relics, how to get more of them, and how to boost your performance using them in Warframe generally.

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How to get Void Relics

You get Void Relics in Warframe by completing missions. They’re rewards for extended missions or tasks you can pick up over each rotation. Some of the activities that award Void Relics include missions in the Void, Heist and Elite Sanctuary Onslaught missions, rotation rewards from Void Fissure Endless missions, Packs of three from Syndicates, The Market (for a price), Tenshin trades (for a price) , trades with other players (for a price), and endless missions. Getting them isn’t too tricky. It’s the opening you’ve got to think about.

How to open Void Relics


To open your Void Relics, you need to run Void Fissures. You can access these from the Navigator screen. When you first access them, you’ll get a list of any active Void Fissure missions that are available in the game. Each one has a different difficulty level depending on the Void Relic type you want to open.

You need to equip a Void Relic for the mission, and that will be the Void Relic that will be opened. Each one will show you a list of the parts it can contain, as well as the rarity of every part. Common items are very likely to drop, and rare are the least likely to drop but still have a chance. It’s possible to infuse Void Traces to your Void Relic to increase the chances of rare items dropping, but this isn’t essential. This process is called Refinement.

Infuse Void Traces

Once you load into the mission you’ve selected, run through it as you usually would until it’s complete. The one thing you need to keep an eye out for is enemies with a golden energy around them. Kill all of these enemies to have a decent chance of getting Void Traces. You’ll need to pick up 10 Void Traces to open your equipped Void Relic. This means you need to keep track of what you’ve picked up and go back to collect any Void Traces you missed before Extraction.

Relic Contents

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When you extract the Void Relic, you’ll see all the contents from everyone in the mission you just played. This is where you can choose which reward you want. If you’re not sure, go for the rarest item because it’s usually the best one.

How to farm specific items from Void Relics

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If there’s a particular item you want to get from a Void Relic, then you need to go to the Recruiting Channel in-game and look for a Rad Share. This is an opportunity for players looking for specific items to get what they need since all players will upgrade their Void Relic to Radiant using Void Traces. This gives everyone the best chance of getting a rare item drop. Make sure you’re clear about the voice relic you want to equip and the level you want to farm at so other players know if they can help or not.

After everyone’s upgraded their Void Relics, you all run the mission, collect Void Traces, and pick the item you’re after from the rewards at the end. This is the best way to farm rare items from Void Relics and cuts the time required to get them dramatically.

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