How to Play DreamSnaps in Disney Dreamlight Valley

The Dreamlight Ball DreamSnaps Challenge

For the first time, Disney Dreamlight Valley has implemented a multiplayer challenge where players can compete in a photo competition to earn valuable rewards. The event is also the perfect opportunity to show off your designs to the community, from your house’s interior layout to the valley’s outdoor furnishing. So, to help you with this photographic journey, we’ll show you how DreamSnaps works.

DreamSnaps in Disney Dreamlight Valley, Explained

To unlock DreamSnaps, you must recruit Vanellope von Schweetz to the valley by completing the Faith, Dust, and Pixel Dust mission. Once players start this endeavor, they can familiarize themselves with the tool, using the game’s photo mode with the required materials in the background of the picture.

DreamSnaps will feature a weekly challenge starting every Wednesday at 1 pm UTC, and you can learn about the designated theme by checking out the Event tab.

The Dreamlight Ball DreamSnaps Challenge
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Each challenge includes Mandatory and Suggested traits for your photo, involving specific items for your set. For example, the Dreamlight Ball requires players to have Elegant and Wondrous objects, while Vanellopes showcases Playful and Familiar attributes.

Players must snap a picture with the products and upload it to the DreamSnaps challenge. You’ll also have the option to retake the photo, overwriting your previous submission.

After the week’s end, you can participate in a voting period on the Event tab, where you’ll choose your favorite designs from other players. You’ll earn 50 Moonstones per challenge and be rewarded an additional 300 Moonstones by simply entering the competition. So, even those who aren’t as confident with their photo skills (like me) will still be winners regardless, along with a gift of a randomized furniture or clothing item.

The top five designers will be delivered 5,500 Moonstones and other prizes in their mailboxes. Additionally, players will earn Pixel Dust, which can boost your DreamSnaps level.

How to Choose DreamSnap Items in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Now, you may be wondering: How can you tell which objects are suited for the DreamSnaps challenge? Fortunately, you can use two handy mechanics while in the Furniture tab or photo mode. With the first option, you can select the Filters section and scroll down to Traits to choose the suitable characteristics.

Alternatively, you can see if you’ve met the requirements after you’ve taken a photo.

DreamSnap Requirements
Image Source: Gameloft via Twinfinite

If you don’t have the correct materials for the event, you can purchase products at Scrooge McDuck’s store and filter the items to see the most relevant objects.

Hopefully, this guide has helped you understand the mechanics of the DreamSnaps feature. If you want to try out more activities in the game, you can discover the location of the Green Potato to begin a secret challenge. Be sure to also explore the relevant links below to find even more Disney Dreamlight Valley content.

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