How to reach the Zonaite Forge Island in the sky in Tears of the Kingdom (TotK)

Tears Of The Kingdom Zonaite Forge Island Sky Distance

When looking out into the sky in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, you might notice a castle-like structure floating in the distance. This mysterious location goes by the name Zonaite Forge Island, and it makes for quite an impressive visual. You will probably want to go check it out, but it’s so high up that not even launching out of a Skyview Tower will be enough to reach it. So how do you get up there? What will you find when you do? This guide will answer these questions and others about the Zonaite Forge Island in Tears of the Kingdom.

Traveling to the Zonaite Forge Island

As with many other challenges in Tears of the Kingdom, there undoubtedly exists a number of ways that you can access Zonaite Forge Island. The solution that worked for me involved traveling to the islands in the West Necluda Sky Archipelago, right above the Dueling Peaks.

Screenshot via PC Invasion

On the island containing the Ukoojisi Shrine, you can look down to spot a smaller island featuring three manipulatable floating platforms. When gliding over to it, you’ll notice a rocket attached to the middle platform as well as a pile of rockets tucked in a corner.

These rockets will provide just the amount of lift needed to get to Zonaite Forge Island, so move all of the rockets with Ultrahand to the top of the middle platform., but don’t attach them. From my experience, using each rocket one at a time will work much better than using them all at once, so just leave them evenly distributed on the platform and attach a new rocket every time you use up one. Additionally, take extra care to not accidentally hit any of the surrounding rockets when activating the one you need, as that will cause them to blast off on their own.

Once you use up most or all of the rockets, the floating platform will finally reach the necessary height, but it will still remain a bit far from your destination. If you have any spare Zonai capsules containing fans or more rockets, you can attach them to the platform to move it closer to the island. Just note that as the platform gets closer, it will blink green, indicating that it will soon disappear. At that point, you should be able to glide off and make it to the island.

What to do upon arriving at Zonaite Forge Island

When you arrive at the island, you may try to climb to the top, only to find that the chimneys will likely be too tall to scale for you. But by going to the building’s entrance at ground level, you will spot a ring-shaped stone with a green symbol displayed in the middle. Pressing A when near it will cause wind gusts to blow out of the chimneys, allowing you to easily paraglide up to the top. Reaching the top will reveal a hole that will take you to the interior of the building. What ensues is a fun little section where you skydive and weave between security lasers before reaching the bottom.

All of this effort will be well worth it, as the interior contains a unique combat shrine as well as a gacha machine that can dole out homing carts and time bombs as well as beam, flame, and frost emitters. Aside from that, you can explore the exterior of Zonaite Forge Island to find some Korok Seeds, although you can say that about nearly any location in Tears of the Kingdom aside from the Depths.

Tears Of The Kingdom Zonaite Forge Island Giant Cauldron

Screenshot via PC Invasion

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