How to recall the satellite in Terra Nil

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Why is everyone getting so excited about Cities: Skylines 2 when you could be playing Terra Nile, the anti-city building game? Devolver has developed a terraforming game in which you come in and clean up after civilization finally collapses and leaves a smoking wasteland in its stead. The game requires planning, strategy, and environmental know-how. One of the many elements of the game, albeit a late-game one, is seed collecting. This is done via satellite and rewards a lot of currency. Once you collect the seeds you need to recall the satellite in Terra Nile to continue the game.

How to use the satellite to collect seeds in Terra Nile

This is a late-game situation. You will have reached the Flooded City region and be ready to take to the skies. At this point in the game, you will have unlocked the stage to start building the rocket silo. For a game that is all about renewing the land, and repairing the devastation left by previous generations, this seems like a step in the wrong direction.

When you have built a few of the rocket sections you will be able to construct the Satellite uplink in Terra Nile. Then, when this is available you will notice a small leaf symbol in the top left corner next to your progress wheel. Once you select this you will enter a minigame in which you can collect seeds from each region you have worked on.

recall the satellite terra nil

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How to recall the satellite in Terra Nile

When you collect all the seeds needed from a specific biome you can recall the satellite. This is done by simply clicking on the leaf symbol or clicking the red X. You can then continue with the game; building, recycling, and renewing the sacred land.

satellite bugs

There are a few known bugs with this stage in the game. Sometimes it isn’t possible to recall the satellite in Terra Nile. In this case, it is best to simply restart that game and your PC. It has been reported that this can help the problem. It should be patched soon, Devolver is an attentive dev.

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