How to Recruit Colonists in One Lonely Outpost

How to Recruit Colonists in One Lonely Outpost

In this guide, we’ll go over how to recruit each of the different colonists in One Lonely Outpost and what they unlock.

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Once recruited, you’ll have to keep your colonists fed, which requires a lot of different crops and meals. Make sure to check out our map guide as well to get a better idea of ​​what to gather while visiting each of your colonists.

Mail detailing that Aaron will join the colony in One Lonely Outpost.

How to Recruit Colonists in One Lonely Outpost

When you first visit your new home, you’re pretty much on your own — outside of your robot companion Qwerty. To recruit more colonists, you must progress through the quests you are given every few days. Occasionally, these quests will be to recruit a new colonist (or sometimes multiple at once), and some will just join you without any extra requirements.

Colonist Recruitment List

Here’s a list of all of the Colonists in One Lonely Outpost that we’ve found so far and how to recruit them to your colony.

How to Recruit Aaron

Aaron is the first colonist you can recruit, and has no special requirements. All you need to do is progress through each day, and you’ll eventually be sent the mail “Recruitment and Aaron’s ETA” (we got this on Preseason 11). After 2 days, Aaron will arrive and make himself home in Seaside Nexus and sell upgrades for your tools.

How to Recruit Jim-Bob & Elisha

Jim-Bob and Elisha both come as a pair, and you’ll be given the quest to recruit them a few days after Aaron arrives. To have them join, you must forge 5 Steel Ingots and cook 1 Winter Root Stew. Steel Ingots can be made by processing Iron Ore in an Omniforge, while Winter Root Stew is cooked using 1 Potato and 1 Carrot. Both live together in Seaside Nexus, with Jim-Bob selling seeds and sprinklers.

How to Recruit Duyi

A few days after Jim-Bob and Elisha join, you’ll be able to recruit Duyi. All that is required to recruit him is to earn 4 Geology Omnistars and cook 1 Veggie Stew. Geology Omnistars are earned when gathering new rocks and ore, while Veggie Stew is made with 1 Potato, 1 Carrot, and 1 Bok Choy. Recruiting Duyi unlocks the mine, letting you gather more ore once the deposits on the surface are depleted. Duyi will generally hand around in Inanna Falls on most days, near the mine.

How to Recruit Cuckoo Chuck

Cuckoo Chuck will be introduced via a cutscene as you progress through the story of One Lonely Outpost. After this, he’ll hand around at the bottom of Seaside Nexus on his own, often tasking you with doing things for him.

We’re at the end of our guide on how to recruit Colonists in One Lonely Outpost. Make sure to check out our other guides below!

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