How to Redeem Remnant 2 Preorder Bonus Items

Preorder Bonus

The nice thing about Remnant 2 is that getting all items through preorder or buying the more expensive editions is just a matter of getting them early. Everything can be earned from within the game, so no one is locked out of content. However, it is also important to know when and how to collect these preorder and edition items.

How to Get Remnant 2 Preorder Bonus

There is only one true bonus for preordering Remnant 2. You get the Gunslinger Archetype instantly and can choose it when making your first character. There’s nowhere you need to go to redeem it other than making sure you have it downloaded and installed. As soon as you load up the game, it will be right there for you to choose.

Preorder Bonus
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How to Redeem Deluxe and Ultimate Edition Items

Slightly different from the Gunslinger, the Deluxe and Ultimate edition items aren’t given to you right as they start. Instead, these will be added to your inventory whenever you step foot into your first world from the World Stone. The Ultimate edition also allows players Early Access to Remnant 2 starting July 21.

Both editions only offer armor to get you started; you’ll have to find guns on your own.

Deluxe Edition Items

Deluxe Edition Bonuses
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Ultimate Edition Items

Ultimate Edition Bonuses
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As you can see, the Ultimate edition also includes a set of useful consumables and promises that purchases will get three future pieces of DLC at no additional cost.

This hopefully gives you a better idea of ​​when you can obtain all the extra preorder and bonus stuff you spent a little extra to earn. For more Remnant 2 guides, take a look at our links below.

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