How to Repair in One Lonely Outpost

How to Repair in One Lonely Outpost

In this guide, we’ll explain how to Repair in One Lonely Outpost and how you can fix the broken computer in your Ship on the Farmstead.

One Lonely Outpost challenges you to start a Farm and establish a Colony on a desolate world. The good news is that you can Craft many useful machines to help you with your efforts. The bad news, however, is that these machines sometimes break down. Read on to learn how Repairing works!

How to Unlock Repairing

You can unlock Repairing in One Lonely Outpost by recruiting Aaron. A few days after he arrives, you’ll experience a “Solar Storm” which will cause machinery to malfunction. You’ll then have to play the Repairing minigame in order to fix it. From this point forward, any of your equipment can break during a Solar Storm, necessitating a repair on your part.

How to Repair in One Lonely Outpost

You can Repair in One Lonely Outpost by playing and completing the Repairing minigame. When you start a Repair minigame, the screen will look like this:

How to Repair in One Lonely Outpost Guide - Maintenance Repair Puzzle Unfinished

This is a simple tile-changing puzzle. You need to rearrange the tiles to reconnect the power and repair the device in question. Once you complete the puzzle, you’ll be able to

Sometimes, the puzzles can be too much of a challenge (or simply too annoying to complete). In those cases, the easiest thing to do is to back out of the Repair interface and try again — it will rotate to a different puzzle that may be easier to solve.

How to Repair in One Lonely Outpost Guide - Repair Puzzle Finished by Completing the Circuit

How to Repair the Computer in Your Ship

Unfortunately, you cannot repair the Computer in your Ship on the Farmstead; your character simply does not have the skill to pull it off. You’ll have to wait for Aaron to join your Colony. Once he does, you can communicate with him about fixing the computer in your Ship. This Computer will allow you to order a selection of items and have them dropped off at the Delivery platform on your Farmstead.

We’ve reached the end of our guide on how to Repair in One Lonely Outpost. Have a look at our other guides below!

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