How to Take Pictures of Manta Ray in Dave the Diver

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The character Udo will frequently enlist Dave to take photos of the various sea creatures in the Blue Hole, allowing you to rack up cash for the sushi restaurant. In particular, the Manta Ray will require players to follow a series of steps in order to get the best camera angle. So, if you are having trouble getting the right shot, we’ll show you how to take pictures of the Manta Ray to bring you some much-needed dough.

Dave the Diver Take Pictures of Manta Ray Mission Guide

Udo’s mission will only trigger during the night when the Manta Ray is active, including a setup of light fixtures to prepare you for the shot. You’ll need to at least dive to the 20-meter mark until Dave spots the equipment. It’s relatively easy to prepare the procedure, as the items will have blue-colored waypoints (just be sure to drag the wire to the generator.) If you don’t see the option to pick up the object, you must complete the main mission, Destroy the Entryway, to unlock the Diving Gloves.

Once you place the lure for the Manta Ray, it’s time to hide behind the rock, where you will need to hold down the designated button to remain unseen. However, players must not accelerate when moving around, or else the creature will swim away. It’s also an excellent idea not to get too close to it and wait for it to illuminate for the correct shot.

When the Manta Ray starts consuming bits of the lure, players must take a photo while it’s glowing (zoom out for better results.) As long as you meet the other requirement of an accurate camera focus, you should receive the all-clear for the goal, rewarding you with 1,000 coins for the restaurant or diving equipment.

Now that you’ve mastered the art of photography with the manta-ray, you can tackle the remaining beasts of the ocean, like the Horned Parrot Fish. Be sure to also explore the relevant links below for even more Dave the Diver content.

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