How to unlock Quidditch in Harry Potter Magic Awakened

Harry Potter Magic Awakened Quidditch

Quidditch is an essential part of any Harry Potter game, and luckily, you can play Quidditch in Harry Potter Magic Awakened. After unlocking your broom through an early quest with Robyn, you can fly over to the Quidditch pitch. However, you might not be able to play Quidditch just yet. Here’s your guide on how to unlock Quidditch in Harry Potter Magic Awakened.

Note: If you want to play Quidditch with a team, you need to know how to add friends in Harry Potter Magic Awakened.

Harry Potter Magic Awakened: How to play Quidditch, explained

I spent hours grinding through all the Harry Potter Magic Awakened year one story missions thinking that Quidditch would naturally unlock through a story mission. That, sadly, did not happen. I completed all year one story missions and still didn’t get to play Quidditch.

Even with skipping dialogue and cutscenes, it took me around six hours to complete all the year one story missions. And yet, no Quidditch. So how is Quidditch unlocked in Harry Potter Magic Awakened and is it a similar process to unlocking Avada Kedavra?

According to MsMunchkin on YouTube, who got to play the beta of Harry Potter Magic Awakened, Quidditch is a class you can participate in, similar to the Charms and Defense Against the Dark Arts classes. Yes, those classes have story missions that overlap while Quidditch doesn’t, but according to MsMunchkin, Quidditch is only playable on certain days.

Though there still may be some story missions tied to Quidditch, my guess is that Quidditch is only playable on specific days like weekends. To clarify, I mean real-world weekend days, not in-game weekends, although they might overlap.

Try going to the Quidditch pitch on Friday, Saturday, and/or Sunday to see if you can play Quidditch. You might get lucky and see Quidditch open on other random days, like Wednesdays, Fridays, and Mondays. Either way, log in each day to find out when Quidditch is available to you.

You don’t need to unlock Quidditch in Harry Potter Magic Awakenedyou just need to wait until Quidditch is available to play. Once it is, you’ll play through a tutorial that will show you the ropes. Until then, you can learn how to change your broom in Harry Potter Magic Awakened.

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