How to unlock Sorceress in Halls of Torment

Halls Of Torment Sorceress Lightning Attack
Halls Of Torment Sorceress Lightning Attack

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Halls of Torment sends you through dangerous territory as the hero of your choosing. As the game’s title implies, you won’t encounter many creatures that wish to make your journey a pleasant one. Thus, you need to unlock ever more powerful heroes to navigate the most dangerous regions. Here is our guide telling you how to unlock the Sorceress in Halls of Torment.

Halls of Torment – how to unlock the Sorceress

The Sorceress is a late addition to your lineup, so of course you have to work to access her. To unlock the Sorceress, kill 10,000 enemies in the Forgotten Viaduct in a single run.

Halls Of Torment Battling Enemies In Forgotten Viaduct

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The Forgotten Viaduct is not available immediately. You’ll have to conquer Haunted Caverns and Ember Grounds first, which is just as well; you need to purchase permanent hero enhancements aplenty to survive the viaduct’s local population.

When you finally reach the Forgotten Viaduct, you’ll find it crawling with hearty foes. Start by chasing after a Scroll of Mastery, which improves your chances of survival. You need to snag one quickly, since the opposition grows fiercer the longer you linger in the area. After you’ve explored around six minutes, you also need to deal with the Wraith Horseman mini-boss, so it’s important to have strong offenses built up by that point. To really rack up the kills, you need to reach the later waves of birds and soldiers. I have the best runs when I continue focusing on any offensive traits I find along the way. Features that improve your pickup radius are also invaluable.

Halls Of Torment Recommended Exterminator Loadout Forgotten Viaduct

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By the time you access the Forgotten Viaduct, you should have purchased the bulk of the permanent upgrades and have a strong loadout. I like to use the Exterminator with the Ruby Circlet and Collar of Confidence equipped (see the full loadout I use in the above screenshot). This combo maximizes the damage I inflict on mobs.

Once you unlock the Sorceress, you’ll find she’s a capable warrior with powerful lightning-based magic. It hits hard, and you can improve your damage output by focusing on upgrades that improve your speed. Turn your elemental attacks on everything within your range to quickly decimate enemy waves and survive long enough to claim the greatest rewards.

Halls of Torment is available to purchase on Steam.

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