How to unlock the Cleric in Halls of Torment

Halls Of Torment Cleric Kicking Butt
Halls Of Torment Cleric Kicking Butt

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Halls of Torment features some of the darkest dungeons you’ll find this side of Diablo, and it expects you to venture through them alone. Fortunately, there are some powerful warriors to choose from, but first you have to access them by meeting various requirements. One of the most interesting options is the Cleric, who starts out weak but can become an offensive powerhouse. Here is our guide telling you how to unlock the Cleric in Halls of Torment.

Halls of Torment – how to unlock the Cleric

The Cleric only becomes accessible once you have become comfortable with how the game works. They’re a powerful recruit, but you can’t use them until you beat a boss. To unlock the Cleric, you must defeat Lich in the Haunted Caverns.

Halls Of Torment Exterminator Battling Lich

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Defeating Lich requires some serious preparation. Although he is the boss of the first dungeon you unlock, you shouldn’t expect to head straight to him and succeed. He only appears when you’re down to the last eight minutes on your run. Then he attacks with some fairly powerful magic, and summons wraiths that try to surround you and rush you. That all happens while you’re also dealing with standard mobs. Finally, surprisingly durable Lich blasts powerful magic your way, especially if you get close to him.

To make the battle with Lich easier, weaken him by spilling enemy blood on two altars in the region. This process requires that you figure out what to do with the blood trails. Basically, you find an altars on both ends of the bloody trail and kill a high number of enemies within the violet circles. They surrender fragments of the Token of Pain. When you encounter Lich, he will be weakened as a result of that effort. However, you don’t necessarily have to take that step.

Halls Of Torment Cleric Radiant Aura Ability

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Use the exterminator character to kill Lich. Again, this is optional, but I highly recommend it. See our guide outlining how to unlock the exterminator if you haven’t already done so. The exterminator uses fire attacks that burn through the later enemy waves, especially if you have upgraded your fire damage blessing and the appropriate gear.

Once you recruit the Cleric, deal 500,000 magic damage in a single run to gain access to the powerful radiant aura ability. It periodically deals unavoidable damage to everything within its radius. Otherwise, the Cleric attacks with a broad projectile. Unfortunately, it has an inconvenient cooldown period between uses. Overcome this handicap by improving your attack speed, and by activating abilities that compensate. The Cleric is a useful character.

Halls of Torment is available to purchase on Steam.

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