How to unlock the Disney Speedstorm currencies

How To Unlock The Disney Speedstorm Currencies
How To Unlock The Disney Speedstorm Currencies

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A rival to Mario Kart has just released in Early Access. disney speedstorm is a racing game where you get to race against others as your favorite Disney characters. With this being an online game with microtransactions and other purchases, there are a few different currencies to earn. But what are these disney speedstorm currencies, and how do you unlock them? We have the answers below.

Guide to unlocking disney speedstorm currencies

There are three types of main currencies to unlock in disney speedstorm. The Early Access version of this game is available to purchase in three different bundles. You could also wait for the next six to 12 months until Gameloft releases the full free-to-play version. Nevertheless, the different currencies can be a little confusing, so we’ll explain everything you need to know.

How To Unlock The Disney Speedstorm Currencies Shop

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MP Coins

On the main menu at the top-right corner of your screen, you can see three different currencies and how much you have of them. The first on the list is the MP coins, which are light blue in color. You can earn MP Coins by playing multiplayer games online.

You’ll receive these coins if you increase your rank in Ranked Multiplayer, or if you earn a certain amount of points during the Regulated Multiplayer mode. If you explore the shop, you can spend MP Coins on customizable items, such as kart parts or racer suits. You can also use them to purchase boxes, which contain multiple items.


The next, and probably most common currency are the Tokens. These are the dark blue currencies that you can earn by completing missions, from modes such as the Starter Circuit or the Seasonal Events. Tokens can let you buy many different things, like Upgrade materials, Racer Shards, kart parts, and more. You can also use Tokens to buy Season Coins, which will be explained below.

Season Coins

The Season Coins are golden coins that you can earn by progressing through the Golden Pass. This is disney speedstorm‘s version of a battle pass. You can also receive Season Coins through Limited Events, which are missions that change daily and weekly. With these Season Coins, you can purchase items for your kart, your crew, or Upgrade materials. Racking up enough Tokens can earn you a Season Coin.

Disney Speedstorm Golden Pass

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Other currencies

While those three are the main type of currencies you’ll receive, there are a few others to earn. Seasonal Tickets are used to purchase Season Boxes, while Universal Box Credits can open Universal Boxes. Finally, the Golden Pass Credits are only available if you purchase one of the Founder’s Packs. These credits allow you to purchase the premium level of the Golden Pass for free. One Golden Pass Credit lasts for an entire Golden Pass season.

disney speedstorm is available through Steam.

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