How to unlock the Shield Maiden in Halls of Torment

Halls Of Torment Shield Maiden Launching Projectile In Haunted Caverns
Halls Of Torment Shield Maiden Launching Projectile In Haunted Caverns

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Halls of Torment introduces players to a roster of unique characters, each one capable of navigating the horrific corridors with their own special approach. One of the last ones you’re likely to unlock is the Shield Maiden, who is good at wading right into the thick of battle and enduring more abuse than her comparatively fragile cohorts. Here is our guide telling you how to unlock the Shield Maiden in Halls of Torment.

Halls of Torment – how to unlock the Shield Maiden

Most of the characters you unlock attack with projectile weapons of some sort, or they use a melee weapon (such as the starting Swordsman). The Shield Maiden, who also uses projectiles, nevertheless thrives during close-range combat. To unlock the Shield Maiden, defeat the Wraith Horseman in the Forgotten Viaduct region.

Halls Of Torment Battle With Wraith Horseman In Forgotten Viaduct

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The Forgotten Viaduct is the third stage in the game. It’s also a point of interest when you want to figure out how to unlock the Sorceress. Tea Wraith Horseman attacks when you have played in the area for a mere six minutes or so. It moves pretty quickly, galloping around you in a loop. Sometimes, it launches ghostly riders that stand for a moment before sliding across the path with blades drawn. Avoid them by standing between where they are positioned. Other times, the rider extends a javelin. Just before it does, you can see green marks along the path to easily avoid the impending thrusts. Similarly, it sometimes fires a rain of arrows using its bow. Just steer clear of the green circles that indicate arrows are inbound. Also, don’t let the rider bump into you with his horse. Contact does a lot of damage.

As you battle, you also need to avoid mobs. However, you can defeat them as you play and continue to level up during what may prove to be a lengthy battle. For this stage (and throughout the game in general), my favorite approach is to equip the Ruby Circlet and the Collar of Confidence. Then, using fire attacks, I basically have twice the attack power as long as there are mobs crowding my space. This happens often in the Forgotten Viaduct, and during the battle with the Wraith Horseman.

Halls Of Torment Shield Maiden Kugelblitz Ability

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After you defeat the Wraith Horseman, you access the Shield Maiden. Her Kugelblitz ability sends an electrical ball floating around the area to harm enemies. Her more standard attack comes in two parts. First, she attacks a nearby point in the direction she is facing. Then, a half-second later, she unleashes a short-range projectile. It’s important to improve her attack speed when possible, so that she can hit more enemies in a hurry. Her parry trait is also good, because it improves her Block rating quickly. Better yet, you can master it to unlock the Block Strength blessing, so that other characters also start out with stronger defenses. Make doing so an early priority.

Halls of Torment is available to purchase on Steam.

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