How to unlock the Warlock in Halls of Torment

Halls Of Torment Warlock Unleashing Main Attack In Haunted Caverns
Halls Of Torment Warlock Unleashing Main Attack In Haunted Caverns

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Halls of Torment has a lineup of interesting characters with powerful attacks and skills. One of them, the Warlock, is especially interesting because his attacks have potential to tear through enemy lines without much direction on your part. Here is our guide telling you how to unlock the Warlock in Halls of Torment.

Halls of Torment – how to unlock the Warlock

The Warlock is one of the more difficult characters to unlock, as far as I’m concerned, because the stage where he appears can chew through your defenses. To unlock the Warlock, you must kill the Wyrm Queen boss near the end of the Ember Grounds area.

Halls Of Torment Battling Wyrm Queen In Ember Grounds

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The Ember Grounds stage is accessible early in the campaign. However, you may have to spend quite a lot of time to master it. The enemies are especially resistant to attacks that worked well in the Haunted Caverns area, and the wyrm queen in particular has strong armor that allows her to shrug off weaker attacks.

To defeat the Wyrm Queen, I recommend focusing on piercing traits and traits that boost main weapon’s attack output. You also need to be able to deal with the surrounding mobs that lead up to that point. It’s a good idea to enhance your block capabilities, since there are more projectiles flying around than usual. The Wyrm Queen follows a fairly easy pattern and likes to circle around you, with an eye toward crushing you within that circle. Just keep moving, as mobs permit. If you have the Collar of Confidence equipped, the presence of numerous mobs actually makes your attacks stronger. Tea Ruby Circlet provides a similar boost when mobs catch on fire.

Halls Of Torment Summon Golem With Warlock

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Once you access the Warlock, you’ll find he attacks enemies with a homing projectile. It can demolish a few of them in a line. Enhance it with speed and duration, so you can eventually have several projectiles flying about at all times. However, it’s not as useful for clearing out threats closer at hand. You can pair it with a golem you summon, which rolls around the area and damages enemies. Make sure to upgrade your stone ally so it can serve as your muscle.

Halls of Torment is available to purchase on Steam.

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