How to upgrade the Ancient Hero’s Aspect in Tears of the Kingdom

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The Ancient Hero’s Aspect serves as the final reward for finishing every single shrine in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom. Aside from having one of the most interesting designs out of all the armor sets, it uniquely combines the headwear, bodywear, and legwear into a single cosmetic item. The Ancient Hero’s Aspect sports a base defense stat of 12, but of course, you can upgrade this stat substantially if you hand over the right materials to a Great Fairy. Feel free to read through this guide if you would like to learn about the exact requirements for upgrading the game’s ultimate unlockable armor.

Upgrading the Ancient Hero’s Aspect Armor

It comes as no surprise that, being the final shrine reward, the Ancient Hero’s Aspect has more demanding upgrade requirements than most armor sets. To obtain all four upgrade tiers for the Ancient Hero’s Aspect, you have to gather some Zonaite as well as a wealth of high-level monster parts. Additionally, this armor has noticeably higher rupee requirements than normal, although they end up matching the total price of your average full armor set upgrades.

For the armor’s level one upgrade, you’ll need 15 pieces of Zonaite, nine Silver Bokoblin Horns, nine Hinox Guts, and 30 rupees. This will boost the armor’s defense up to 24. The level two upgrade, which brings the defense stat up to 36, requires ten pieces of Large Zonaite, nine Silver Moblin Horns, nine Frox Guts, and 150 rupees. Next up, we have the third upgrade with a defense stat of 54, which requires 15 pieces of Large Zonaite, nine Silver Lizalfos Horns, nine Molduga Guts, and 600 rupees.

Finally, we have the fourth upgrade tier, which maxes out the Ancient Hero’s Aspect’s defense stat to 84, easily the highest defense stat out of any single cosmetic item in Tears of the Kingdom. For this one, you must have nine Silver Lynel Mace Horns, nine Silver Lynel Saber Horns, nine Gleeok Guts, and 1,500 rupees on hand. It goes without saying, but you’ll have to get very used to taking down high-level monsters and bosses for the Ancient Hero’s Aspect upgrades, especially when going for the relatively rare Guts drops. Whether or not this will all be worth it is up to you.

Tears Of The Kingdom Ancient Hero's Aspect Level Four Defense

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