How to use bait in Stardew Valley

How to use bait in Stardew Valley

A guide to bait and fishing in Stardew Valley.

Stardew Valley has been a shared fantasy at one point or another, and it’s one that I still hold onto in the back of my mind. The idea of ​​casting off the shackles of corporate life in the city for quiet and earnest farm living in a small town still sounds very appealing. It would also be convenient if this town had access to various ecosystems like beaches, forests, and abandoned mines full of creatures you didn’t think existed. Of course, it’s also fulfilling to focus on running a successful farm and doing other activities to pass the time and enjoy country life. Among those is the staple of fishing.

Although I’ve only been fishing less than a handful of times in my whole life, it remains one of my favorite mini-games that so many titles have. That being said, the Stardew Valley fishing mini-game is one of the most difficult that I’ve ever encountered…yet, I can’t stop playing it. Fishing is necessary for completion but it can also be quite profitable. By leveling up your fishing skill, you get access to new crafting recipes that will let take advantage of nearby bodies of water. Of course, this means you actually have to catch fish, and bait can help with that.

Fishing and Bait in Stardew Valley

Leveling up fishing in Stardew Valley

Despite the title, the main area of ​​the game is known as Pelican town. No matter what setup you choose for your farm, you’ll have access to the four main bodies of water: ponds, lakes, rivers, and the sea. Before you can go fishing, you need to be at the farm long enough for the NPC Willy to show up at your house. He’s the town fisherman and nautical merchant who’ll give you your first fishing rod. You can fish as long as you have a rod and energy, but the bait is an accessory that will raise your chances of bites and catching high-quality fish. Unfortunately, there’s only one type of bait but it gets the job done.

How to use Bait

Catching the fish with a right bait

Bait can be obtained in two main ways: Make it yourself or buy it from Willy. If you buy it, one piece will cost 5 Gold, but keep in mind that bait is used up with every bite. The most convenient and economical way is to make it yourself using Bug Meat. Bait is the first fishing recipe you’ll learn and you can get Bug Meat easily from any of the many bug-like enemies lurking in the mines.

Once you have bait, make sure to stack it so that it doesn’t take up room in your inventory. Now, while it may seem obvious that you can attach bait to a fishing rod, it’s not that simple. There are only two rods that are capable of having bait: The Fiberglass Rod or the Iridium Rod. The first requires that you reach Fishing Level 2 and buy it from Willy for 1,800 Gold. The second requires Fishing Level 6 and will cost you 7,500 Gold.

Once you have one of the two rods, simply combine your bait stack with the rod in your inventory. A little bait icon will appear in the picture of the rod to show that it worked. Then, all you have to do is go fishing, and the rod will be baited until you run out.

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