How to use Eye Basket

Roblox Rogue Demon Eye Basket

After choosing the String Blood Demon Art in Snape Demon in Roblox, a skill you might have challenges with is Eye Basket. Eye Basket is a powerful skill that is in the fourth and final slot. You can’t use Eye Basket by simply selecting the move and clicking the mouse button. Here is how to use Eye Basket in Rogue Demon.

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How to use Eye Basket in Rogue Demon

Eye Basket is the most powerful move that a String Blood Demon Art user can use in Rogue Demon. However, if you don’t know how to use it, you’ll be underutilizing the String moveset.

For starters, you need to select the String Blood Demon Art in the beginning. To do this, select the black and white moveset that is one down and one to the right of the top left moveset. With the String moveset selected, spawn into the game.

Roblox Rogue Demon String Blood Demon Art

Screenshot: PC Invasion

To perform Eye Basket in Rogue Demonall you need to do is use String Slash, the second ability, first. Equip String Slash by pressing two and use the ability by holding down M2, or the right click on the mouse, and releasing. You’ll deliver a flurry of attacks upon your target.

As your character is performing String Slash, press four to equip Eye Basket and simply press M1, or the left click on the mouse, to perform the ability. You’ll know you’ve done it right if an orb of red slashes encompasses your target.

The only way to use Eye Basket is directly after String Slash. So, if you try to equip Eye Basket before performing String Slash, you won’t be able to perform the attack.

Performing Eye Basket can take time to master. In my experience, I went to the training area to practice using String Slash and then Eye Basket to get the timing down. Once you feel comfortable using Eye Basket, you can return to the battlefield and defeat some foes.

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