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Being a Jedi, Cal can use both his lightsaber and force powers to overcome his enemies. In Star Wars Jedi: Survivor, you have numerous options for how you fight. Thanks to the overhauled combat system in the game, with the introduction of stances and being able to switch between lightsaber modes, you can win these battles your own way. Force powers have also been reworked, Cal can do a lot more with his newfound powers. Read on to learn how to use the force powers available to you in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor.

How to use force powers in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor

Just like most things in the game, all the force powers you learn can be upgraded which can make you a powerful Jedi.

This list has all the force powers you’ll unlock in the game.

Force Push: This is the first power you will get as you start Cal’s journey. You can push enemies away, or off cliffs, and create breathing room for yourself. Additionally, the game has many puzzles, Force Push can help solve some of them. For the Xbox Series X/S controller press RT, and for the PlayStation 5 controller press R2. On PC, Force Push is done by hitting the 2 key.

Pull Strength: This is pretty self-explanatory, you can pull enemies towards you and push them into other enemies. You can also pull walls open, and other objects provided they have blue glaze on them. In order to do this power, press LT on the Xbox Series X/S controller and L2 on the PlayStation 5’s controller. For PC users, tap the 3 key.

Slow Time: As the name states, you temporarily slow down time for enemies around you. This can help you follow up with more attacks. To pull this off, click LS and RS an Xbox controller, and L3 and R3 on PlayStation. To use this power on PC, push 4.

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Lift and Slam: This power is available somewhat later on in the game, and as the name implies, you’ll lift up enemies and slam them down. This is a little complicated with more buttons to press. On Xbox, press RB and Y to lift and RB and A to slam. Similarly for the PlayStation 5 press R1 and triangle to lift, and R1 and X to slam. On PC, you’ll need to hold Left Ctrl and F to lift. For the slam, press and hold Left Ctrl and tap the spacebar.

Confused: This new power is interesting, it makes a targeted enemy fight for you temporarily. To activate, make sure you’re close by and then press RB and B on the Xbox controllerand on the PlayStation 5, press R1 and Circle. When prompted, press the Z key on the keyboard for PC.

mindtrick: A new power to the game, and not much used in combat. It allows you to extract information from a target. Unlike the other powers in the game, you won’t use it to fight. When prompted you’ll start a dialogue with the target which can open up non-combative interaction.

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