Huge Warzone S4R DMZ Change Punishes Players For Killing Too Many Opponents

Vehicle fight in Ashika Island Warzone

A major change with Warzone Season 4 Reloaded will see DMZ players punished for killing too many real-life opponents, in a serious shake up to the extraction mode.

When the Season 4 Reloaded overview dropped on July 11, Activision promised changes to DMZ’s ‘Plea for Help’ mechanic, as well as to ‘squads specifically hunting other players’. We now know the form those changes take thanks to the full patch notes.

Killing other players has always been a legitimate part of DMZ, even if generally secondary to the extraction aspect. It seems the developers are looking to target players ignoring the extraction part of the mode and who drop in purely looking for other players to eliminate.

Now, if a player or squad eliminate too many other players (not the AI ​​that populate Exclusion Zones), they’ll receive a warning in-game. If they ignore the warning and kill another real-life player, they’ll have a Bounty placed on their head(s).

The Bounty will alert enemies of the player or squad’s location in the relevant Exclusion Zone. Killing a player with this Bounty on their head will grant every member of the team that does so $10,000 in cash.

Vehicle fight in Ashika Island Warzone
Image Credit: Activision via Twinfinite

The changes apply to every Exclusion Zone in DMZ apart from the Koschei Complex and Building 21.

It’s a very interesting change that does go some way to address a long-standing grievance much of the community has had with DMZ: players orienting their games around stopping others from extracting. Every DMZ player will have encountered a squad of three or four camping an Exfil Helicopter location – and preventing a successful extraction in the process.

How much of an impact the changes will really have remains to be seen, with players who find themselves on the receiving end of the warnings and bounties still in with a fighting chance against any who come for them. They may also welcome the chance to kill more enemies by making themselves a target.

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