Hyper Light Breaker Looks to Mash Elements From Solar Ash and Hyper Light Drifter

Hyper Light Breaker Looks to Mash Elements From Solar Ash and Hyper Light Drifter
Picture: Heart Machine

Hyper Light Breaker is the newest game from Heart Machine, the studio behind Hyper Light Drifter and Solar Ash. Since we love both games, Hyper Light Breaker looks extremely promising as it looks to blend our favorite elements of both the previous games.

What is Hyper Light Breaker?

As another adventure set in the Hyper Light world, Hyper Light Drifter will be a different type of game. While it is clearly a 3D adventure similar to Solar Ash, Hyper Light Breaker is a single-player or co-op roguelike similar to Risk of Rain 2 or even a bit of Hades.

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Speaking of Hades, the new Hyper Light Breaker reveal trailer, animated by Studio Grackle who did the Hades I and II animated trailers, looks impressive. The same Hyper Light Drifter and Solar Ash style and colors are kept in Hyper Light Breaker which is exciting.

In Hyper Light Breaker, you’ll adventure through procedurally generated worlds defeating enemies to unlock more equipment and gear to make the perfect loadout. We assume you’ll get to create your own character and prepare them for a fight through the Hyper Light world which is called the Overgrowth.

The main enemy in Hyper Light Breaker is called the Abyss King and the enemy force is called the Crowns. After enjoying the storytelling in both Solar Ash and Hyper Light Drifter, we are undoubtedly in for a treat when it comes to the story told in Hyper Light Breaker.

When is the Hyper Light Breaker Release Date?

We won’t need to assume for much longer as Hyper Light Breaker is coming out in early access in Fall 2023. As more details about Hyper Light Breaker come out, we’ll keep you posted. For now, get hyped to enjoy another excellent title by Heart Machine.

– This article was updated on March 14th, 2023

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