IDEA, the award-winning physics-based puzzler, is out now on iOS

IDEA, the award-winning physics-based puzzler, is out now on iOS

After a minor delay, TLR Games have finally launched the highly anticipated physics-based exploration platforming game, IDEA on iOS. It was supposed to release for Android and Switch too but seems like people on those platforms will have to wait it out a little more.

IDEA has been inspired by an award-winning short film of the same name by Olli Huttunen. The game takes players on an adventure through scenic environments from a bird’s eye view. These gorgeous locations are all from different points over the globe, fully shot in 4K resolution.

The goal is in the name, as players are tasked with formulating an idea, which has been conceptualized as a lightbulb. Each landscape will offer a different challenge, and players must bounce around their lightbulb to successfully create an idea. The catch here is that the goal must be achieved before the music stops.


Successfully doing so leads to a breathtaking artistic composition being created. But what happens if players can’t create an idea in time? Worry not because there’s no failure here. The journey may stop there, but that incomplete idea can be transformed into a thought, a piece of a song, or a verse that can be shared with others.

Since its announcement, IDEA has raked in numerous awards such as Best Visual Design at the IndieCade 2022. It also became a finalist at the Sense of Wonder Night at the Tokyo Games Show last September.

Currently, IDEA is available to download on the App Store. It can be purchased for a premium of $4.99 or your local equivalent. To stay updated with all the latest developments, follow their official Twitter handle. A soothing and poetic experience awaits you!

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