Idle Awakening tier list – All of the characters ranked

Idle Awakening tier list - All of the characters ranked
Updated on March 15, 2023 – checked for new characters

Every year, the Idle genre is becoming more and more popular. You can find hundreds of titles in this genre, and, of course, many of them can be pretty similar to each other. However, there are titles, such as Idle Awakening, in which you can still enjoy every minute of the gameplay despite all the other titles in the same genre out there. You will be able to make various teams using many unique characters.

As always, not all of the characters are equal in strength. This Idle Awakening tier list should hopefully lend you a hand when creating a team and upgrading them.

The game has over 80 unique characters from various franchises. Of course, most of them are from popular anime series, but there are also characters such as Kratos or 2B. So, read on to learn about the ranking of characters in Idle Awakening.

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While playing Idle Awakening, you can roll Gacha to get different characters. Each of them differs not only in appearance, but also in stats, abilities, and even voice acting. Moreover, they are all divided into classes:

  • Warrior – This class deals the most damage.
  • Support – This class will help your team stay alive longer and will apply various buffs.
  • Mage – This class can deal high damage and apply debuffs to enemies.
  • Tanks – This class can hold enemies back while absorbing most of the damage.

You will have to try to create a good team of characters that complement each other. However, you will not be able to use the same team as each character belongs to a specific faction and can deal increased damage against enemies from a specific faction. In general, this is a standard system for RPGs:

  • Science characters deal more damage to Magic characters.
  • Magic characters deal more damage to Melee characters.
  • Melee characters deal more damage to Science characters.
  • Dark and Light characters deal increased damage to each other.

Luckily, during the tutorial, you will be able to roll the gacha quite a few times. Therefore, you will have about 15-20 different heroes. However, not all of them are effective, and some are completely useless. So, take a look at our Tier List to play the best of the best heroes.

Original article by Alina Novichenko, updated by Artur Novichenko

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