Indie Game Iron Lung Sees a Rise in Sales After Titanic Submersible Incident

Indie Game Iron Lung Sees a Rise in Sales After Titanic Submersible Incident


Our thoughts go out to the family and friends of those lost.

David Szymanski, a renowned developer in the indie game industry, has found himself in an unexpected position as sales of his horror game, Iron Lung, increase amidst the backdrop of the distressing Titan submersible incident that has taken place this week.

Iron Lung Sales Increase “Feels So Wrong”

Image source: @DUSKdev via Twitter

Iron Lung captured attention upon its release in March 2022, distinguishing itself as a standout horror game. Its popularity reached new heights when it became associated with a film project led by Markiplier. However, the recent turn of events, with individuals lost at sea during a Titanic expedition, drew unfortunate parallels to the eerie world Szymanski had envisioned.

As discussions surrounding the missing submarine unfolded on social media, references to Iron Lung began to trend. Twitter became flooded with mentions of the game, with some users finding solace in humor as a coping mechanism.

Image source: @DUSKdev via Twitter

Szymanski himself acknowledges the dark humor that has emerged but wrestles with the ethical dilemma of profiting from a tragedy. In a heartfelt tweet, he expressed his conflicting emotions, emphasizing the profound horror of real people facing a situation he had imagined. While he appreciates humor as a coping method, he firmly believes that no one should endure such terrifying circumstances.

The sales of Iron Lung surged in the wake of the Titanic sub saga. Sadly, the company responsible for manufacturing the submarine involved in the Titanic expedition has made a grim announcement, stating that they believe the missing individuals to be deceased. As the focus shifts from rescue to recovery, the thoughts and condolences of people worldwide go out to the families and friends of those lost in this tragic incident.

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