Indie Japanese adventure game Back alley chronicle now available via early access

Indie Japanese adventure game Back alley chronicle now available via early access

Back alley chronicle

Indie Japanese developer Back Alley Computer Laboratory has released Back alley chronicletheir new teenager adventure game.

Back alley chronicle is now available for PC via Steam Early Access, and is only in Japanese. The developer wanted to release the game as early as possible so players can feel its atmosphere.

The nostalgic adventure game will remain in early access for 1-2 years, during which the developer will finish its story and add at least 12 chapters over time.

“I’m considering adding 12 chapters, with 1 in-game month as 1 chapter,” Back Alle said. “Chapters will not change at a set time, and i plan to make it possible to advance to the next chapter at any time by clearing the conditions of the story. And i also want to add the time flow of the day. I’m thinking of increasing the amount of time the protagonist can act as the story progresses. I’m also planning to add a story to purify the lost souls. By purifying the lost souls, we plan to increase the number of places you can go and progress the story. We are thinking of adding 12 maps, including maps that can be played in early access. (Possibly more!)”

Here’s a brief rundown on the game, plus its latest trailer:

This is an exploration adventure game in which a girl named Saeki and her friend Maeda help people who have taken in bad souls called “lost souls” while exploring the “back alleys” with many back alleys.

You can also enjoy life in the back alleys by walking through the nostalgic streets, talking with unique residents such as strange-shaped heads, half-beasts and demons, dressing up and eating parfaits at cafes.

The goal of the game is to find a way to help the lost souls who cause incidents in the city through communication with the residents, purify them with amulets, and put up a barrier so that no more lost souls are born.

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