Indus introduces two new characters as they collaborate with Olympic shooter Heena Sidhu

Indus introduces two new characters as they collaborate with Olympic shooter Heena Sidhu

SuperGaming recently kicked off pre-registrations for their upcoming indo-futuristic battle royale for mobile and PC, Indus, on Google Play. The developers also held the game’s third playtest a couple of weeks ago. Today, they announced their first collaboration, with Olympic pistol shooter Heena Sidhu.

Heena Sidhu is an Indian pistol shooter, the first from the country to reach number one in the world rankings by the International Shooting Sport Federation. She is also the first Indian to win a gold medal at an ISSF World Cup finals event. Who better to partner with for a shooting game inspired by the Indian mythos?

Sidhu will be part of Indus as a playable character that goes by the name Heena. Her backstory is quite crucial to the game as her in-game actions transformed her into a living legend. This trajectory is quite similar to that in real life as Heena broke stereotypes, making not only her passion her career, but also becoming the best in the world at it.

In addition to this, SuperGaming also revealed another member of the Yaskha, which is an intelligent race of beings that once resided in Indus. Mor-Ni, the upcoming folk hero was teased in an older trailer. She also adds to the game’s lore and her name means peacock in Hindi.


Ruby John, founder of SuperGaming described Mor-Ni as an expression of India’s rich history. The goal with her was to create an indo-futuristic version of the Indian culture and its recognizable symbols like the peacock. She is a strong female entity based on the four pillars of elegance, glamour, pride, and confidence.

Both Heena and Mor-Ni will be part of Indus’ launch roster. You can pre-register for the game now on Google Play. An App Store page should go live soon.

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