Injustice 2 tier list – All playable characters ranked

Injustice 2 tier list - All playable characters ranked

It’s been a while now since Injustice 2 was released back in 2017. Even so, after all these years, the game is still going strong, receiving regular updates and having new events for the players. If you are a returning player, or someone new to the game, you might be surprised by the number of available characters.

In case you are wondering which the best ones are among them, we have your back. On the following pages, you will find our Injustice 2 tier list where we rank every playable character in the game, starting from SS-Tier which includes the strongest characters in the game, all the way down to E-Tier which includes the characters that you are better off avoiding.


Before we go any further, we should note that in order to come up with these rankings, we gathered a lot of data from the player base and we took our own personal experience playing the game into consideration. Ranking characters in Injustice 2 isn’t easy, and here’s why: there are always a couple of teams that dominate the metagame.

For whatever reason (character buffs, new releases, gears, synergies, etc), they are simply the best in pretty much all types of content. So, with that said, the core members of these teams are going to rank extremely high (SS tier). But, we can’t forget the support characters. Even if they are complementary, if they are part of an extremely good team, they have to rank high.

But this isn’t all – we have to take into consideration other things too. For example, if, in order to perform (to a certain standard), a character needs to reach a 7-star rating and you need to spend 50k crystals to get their gear, that’s something we need to account for. Now, on top of all that, there’s always personal preference. Some people just like certain characters due to their playstyle no matter what.

There are characters that excel in certain modes as well, for example, in the arena. But how high should a character rank if they are only good at one thing? So, as you can imagine, coming up with a tier list that everyone is going to agree upon is simply not possible. With that said, the goal of this list is to give players an understanding of the meta and help them decide which heroes they should invest their resources in and which ones they should simply avoid.

To every new player, we recommend taking a look at our Injustice 2 beginner’s tips article to help you get started with the game. With all these out of the way and without any further ado, let’s get right into the Injustice 2 tier list!

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