Is Earth In Starfield? St. Louis Arch, Utah National Park, & March

Is Earth In Starfield? St. Louis Arch, Utah National Park, & Mars

Starfield is set to include various cities and settings, each having distinct traits, groups, and quests. The game’s universe is anticipated to be vast, boasting more than 100 solar systems and over 1000 planets available for exploration. Players can venture into various cities, immersing themselves in each location’s unique storytelling and gameplay experiences. However, the question that piques our curiosity is whether Earth will be accessible in Starfield, as our minds tend to gravitate towards the familiar.

Can You Visit Earth in Starfield?

Image via Bethesda

While Bethesda has not officially confirmed whether Earth will be included as one of the 1000 planets in Starfield, some players have noticed potential hints suggesting its presence. Snippets of Earth, such as Utah’s Arches National Park and the St. Louis Gateway Arch, have been identified in the trailers released over the past couple of years. However, based on the surrounding environment portrayed in these scenes, it appears that Earth will have undergone significant changes compared to our familiar reality.

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It is speculated that Earth will be depicted as relatively desolate as humans have migrated to other parts of the cosmos. Alternatively, Earth might showcase only a few small civilizations that remain. These details suggest that Earth’s portrayal in Starfield will deviate from what we are accustomed to.

Is Mars on Starfield?

Yes, Mars will play a significant role as one of the main planets in Starfield. As revealed by the lead quest designer, Will Shen, players will embark on a mission to Mars, aiming to unravel the enigma surrounding the artifacts and unexpectedly encountering an ancient civilization in the process.

The game’s setting presents a future where humanity appears to have forsaken Earth. At the same time, Mars has become a driving hub of civilization. The Star Map is showcased in a gameplay trailer to facilitate travel to Mars, indicating its importance and prominence within the game’s universe.

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