Is Halls of Torment multiplayer? Answered

Halls Of Torment Multiplayer
Halls Of Torment Multiplayer

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Halls of Tormentis a horde survival game similar to vampire survivors, and many people want to know if this one has multiplayer. While vampire survivors started with only having singleplayer, it now has multiplayer. Is this the case for Halls of Toment? Here’s your answer to if Halls of Torment has multiplayer

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Halls of Torment: Multiplayer, co-op, PvP, explained

Unfortunately, Halls of Torment does not have multiplayer. For now, Halls of Torment remains a singleplayer experience that plays similarly to vampire survivorsexcept this game is isometric and looks like low-res Diablo 2.

With no multiplayer, that also means that there isn’t co-op in Halls of Torment. And lastly, since it is singleplayer without any online capabilities, there isn’t a PvP mode. Halls of Torment is a true singleplayer experience, but that’s okay since it is a very fun game.

While there isn’t multiplayer right now in Halls of Torment, that doesn’t mean there won’t be both couch co-op and/or online multiplayer in the future. vampire survivors is a perfect example — the game launched without any kind of multiplayer and later, multiplayer was added nearly 10 months later.

To add even more fuel to this theory, Halls of Torment is in early access and vampire survivors isn’t. That piece of evidence could very well lead people to believe multiplayer isn’t out of the question for when Halls of Torment eventually comes out of early access at an unannounced date.

Chasing Carrots, the developers of Halls of Torment, have not stated when the game will come out of early access or if multiplayer will come to the game. So, there’s no confirmation or denial of multiplayer coming to Halls of Torment. That said, I believe there is a fairly good chance we see multiplayer coming to Halls of Torment based on the success we see with vampire survivors.

For now, you’ll need to enjoy Halls of Torment alone. Hopefully, in the future, we’ll be able to gather together with our mates and slay underworld monstrosities together.

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