Is Peter Griffin Coming to Fortnite? Leaks and Everything We Know

Family Guy Fortnite Crossover
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Fortnite is familiar with doing outlandish collaborations with other forms of medium, and there is never guessing what they may do next. Fortnite and family guy are a weird combination indeed, but with leaks reported from the past two years, there is a possibility that the famous battle royale game will be doing a crossover with the hit show. Here is everything we know about whether family guy will come to Fortnite, specifically our dear friend Peter Griffin.

Peter Griffin Leaks for Fortnite

A notable leaker named “Shiina” took to Twitter on the matter and had some words to say about this possible collaboration. Shiina credits two sources FNAssist and GMatrixGames—other sources known for having insider information. The leaker mentions in the tweet that Epic Games is currently working on a skin with the codename “French Fry,” which brings us back to a couple of years ago during the infamous Unreal Engine leak of 2022.

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During the Unreal Engine leak of 2022, leaker FNAssist released a series of Fortnite Collaborations that all turned out to be true—the only one remaining and yet to come to fruition is Peter Griffin’s French Fry skin. So by the looks of the track record from this source, we can only assume that a Peter Griffin skin should be hitting the Epic Games battle royale mode soon enough.

While all of this should be taken with a grain of salt, considering leaks are never guaranteed and should be looked at as a rumor, there is a lot of hope to be had if we look at the leaker’s track record. Obi-Wan skins were true, along with Doom Slayer and even Darth Vader—all coming from the same major Unreal Engine leak.

There is no prediction of a release date for the possible Peter Griffin skin, so all the show and game fans can do is patiently wait to see if these leakers turn out to be right again.

– This article was updated on March 29th, 2023

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