Is Redfall Cross Play? Answered

Redfall Cross Play Coop Party

Arkane Austin’s red fall is here, bringing a host of vampire-fueled mayhem to the peaceful suburban island town. While players battle the vampiric hordes alone or with friends on PC and Xbox Series consoles, many wonder whether they can play with friends on different platforms. Fortunately, we can get the question “Is red fall cross-play?” answered.

Is Redfall Cross Play? – Answered

A recent Twitter Q&A session between players and red fall‘s developers provides an answer to this question. According to this tweet from the playRedfall Twitter account, red fall features cross play between Xbox consoles, PC Game Pass, Steam, and Epic Games Store versions of the game. Of course, regardless of platform, this is great news for any Redfall player, knowing they can fend off the bloodsuckers with their friends. Up to four players from any of these game versions can team up to rid the town of Redfall from its vampiric influence. This makes sense since there are four playable characters.

Redfall Cross Play Coop Boss Fight

Image via Bethesda

red fall makes the latest game to cash in on the cross play trend, which provides a slew of benefits for gaming as a whole. For example, red fall‘s player base becomes much larger since the divides between consoles and platforms are eliminated. Additionally, cross play drastically reduces public matchmaking times and increases the number of available servers due to the increased player base.

Moreover, make an important note: in co-op sessions of redfall, only the host retains their story progress. Levels, weapons, gear, and items persist for everyone across hosts and sessions, but mission and story progress remain tied to the host. Anyone looking for progress Redfall’s story must either host their co-op sessions or simply play solo.

For more information on Arkane Austin’s co-op vampire shooter, check out the red fall everything we know page. The game is out now for the Xbox Series X/S, PC Game Pass, Steam, and the Epic Games Store.

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