Is the Destiny 2 PlayStation armor collab available to Xbox Players?

Destiny 2 PlayStation Armor set

I’m not going to lie and say I’m not more than a little excited for the Playstation Destiny 2 crossover release. Season of The Deep introduces a few new aspects to the game, including new missions, patches, and, most importantly, armor. The latest season will implement some of PlayStation’s most loved characters’ signature garb to the world of Destiny 2. As if getting dripped out isn’t important enough, now you can look like one of your favorite Playstion Characters. Destiny 2’s God of War, Ghost of Tsushimaand Horizon armor sets will all be available for players, but will they be available on non-Playstation platforms like Xbox and PC?

Is the Destiny 2 PlayStation armor collab available to Xbox players?

Screenshot by Bungie

Never fear; your dreams of Playstation favorites inspired armor sets will be available across all platforms. It wouldn’t make sense to tease players with beautiful, PlayStation-themed outfits and not make them accessible for all. What kind of an advert would that be? The promotion will only have Xbox players wishing they had the option to get their teeth into these Playstation exclusives the armor sets are inspired by, and rightly so.

The collab comes after Sony purchased Bungie for a whopping $3.6 billion. Sony now owns the rights to all things Bungie. We can only hope to see good things come from this acquisition. There is a lot of money behind Sony, but there are also a lot of great Playstation exclusives. The armor sets are a testament to this, each being an icon of an industry-changing game.

Xbox players, PC players, and PlayStation players can all enjoy their fresh new threads with the release of Season of The Deep when it releases on May 23 at 5 pm UTC. I know I’ll be chasing the latest challenges, based on the water world of Titan, trying to get my hands on the oh-so-stylish Warlock gear.

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