Is The Outlast Trials on PS4, PS5, and Xbox?

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With the recent Early Access release of The Outlast Trials, players are beginning to immerse themselves in the murky waters of Red Barrels’ latest nightmare odyssey, facing the cruel challenges of the Murkoff Corporation both alone and in co-op. The game is currently available for PC via Steam, but what about other platforms? Is The Outlast Trials on PS4, PS5, and Xbox? Read on to find out.

Is The Outlast Trials available on console?

Currently, The Outlast Trials is available only for PC, via Steam and the Epic Games Store. There is no console version, be it for PS4, PS5, or Xbox, available at present, nor has one been announced by Red Barrels.

Image via Red Barrels

This shouldn’t come as a surprise for anyone following the game closely, however. On April 19 of this year, Red Barrels made a tweet announcing that there was one month to go until the game made its Early Access debut. In the same thread, they addressed the question of console releases with the following statement:

“For everyone asking about consoles, we are working to have The Outlast Trials be playable on as many platforms as possible with cross-platform play but no cross-progression. This will take time and we aim to have this for full launch, but it won’t be available for EA (Early Access).”

This makes it clear that not only is a console version of The Outlast Trials planned, but that it will feature cross-play as well. This should help to allay the fears of console-based horror fans for now, though a full release date for the game is yet to be announced. Outlast 2, the previous entry in the series, had a simultaneous release on PC and console, so there’s not much precedent to work with in terms of predicting the full release, particularly when you factor in Early Access. That said, it will likely be either late 2023 or early 2024, based on prevailing industry trends.

The Outlast Trials is available now through Steam Early Access.

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