Is there romance in Harry Potter: Magic Awakened? Answered

Harry Potter Magic Awakened Romance

A core pillar of what makes the Wizarding World of Harry Potter‘s high school experience wonderful is the romance. While there was a disappointingly slim amount of romance in Hogwarts Legacydoes Harry Potter Magic Awakened do a better job of incorporating romance?

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Harry Potter Magic Awakened: Romance, explained

Sadly, there isn’t romance in Harry Potter Magic Awakened — at least not in the sense you’re thinking of it. While you can’t romance NPCs in Harry Potter Magic Awakenedthe game is an MMORPG with hundreds of other players online at the same time as you.

With dormitories, social clubs, Duels, and dancesthere are numerous opportunities to romance other online players. You’ll pass fellow online students all the time in Harry Potter Magic Awakened and you can rizz them up by using the chat or the microphone options.

Back in my day, I played an MMO called Club Penguin which allowed me to waddle around and shoot my shot with the other cute playable character penguins. Harry Potter Magic Awakened is basically the same thing, just set in Hogwarts with real people.

In Harry Potter Magic Awakened, you can truly write your own story and start a romance with another online player. You can add them to your friend’s list, join a social club together, go to a ball together, and duel together. The options are truly endless in that regard — the only end in sight with romance is the ones with any NPCs.

So, whether you’re a Slytherin wishing for a forbidden love with a Gryffindor or want to live out your own gay fantasy, you can totally do that in Harry Potter Magic Awakened thanks to how free players are to interact and play activities with one another. Before you go out looking for a witch or wizard boyfriend or girlfriend, my one piece of advice is to have the best cards in the game as that will definitely help you impress your crush.

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