Is Valheim Cross-Platform

Is valheim Cross Platform

With the release of Valheim on Xbox and available on GamePass, the joyous world of the Viking afterlife is now available across multiple platforms. Xbox players and PC players can frolic in the fields of limbo, but can they do it together? Is Valheim cross platform?

Is Valheim cross platform?

Yes, Valheim absolutely is cross-platform. Not only that but it is actively encouraged. The crossplay function is turned on by default so you don’t even have to go digging through menus to find it. Simply look for the shuffle sign next to a server. If the symbol is there, it means you can play with players from both PC and Xbox.

Is Valheim Cross Platform

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Xbox Vikings have been patiently waiting in the wings since 2021 when the hit game was first released on PC. They can now get involved with the god-killing/ cute homestead building/Viking roleplay adventure that PC players have already sunk their teeth into.

Fans of the game don’t need to worry that the port to Xbox will slow down development on the core game either. The team has confirmed that the port is being handled by a separate team so that Iron Gate Studios can focus on the core game.

How to start a cross-platform server

Starting a cross-platform server on Valheim is as simple as clicking a few buttons. Once you have selected to start a new world, ensure the ‘Crossplay’ box is checked. Once the world is loaded, you will have a join code or world code. Using this you can invite other players to your game. These worlds can be easily protected from strangers with the use of a password. It’s important to make sure you share that too.

Currently Valheim cross-platform only extends to servers. There is no character continuation between Xbox and PC. If you have a favorite Viking, you’ll have to continue their story on the platform you started on. Iron Gate Studios are always tweaking and improving their game though, so stay tuned for more updates.

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