King goes beast mode in his Tekken 8 gameplay trailer

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Ahead of its forthcoming release date sometime between this year and the next comes a new tekken 8 gameplay trailer featuring the well-loved orphan: King. This jaguar-head-wearing luchador showcases his short-range, devastating combo moves as he throws his opponents around the ring.

tekken 8 gameplay trailer: The Return of the King

The work that has gone into making the latest in the tekken deductible as eye-pleasing as possible is immediately noticeable. King’s newest rendition glistens under the newly updated engine as he pounds his enemies to dust. Bandai Namco is making the most out of the newest advances in Unreal Engine 5, as the game flexes its impressive graphical muscles in the form of King’s rippling biceps.

In the true style of the luchador, King is forever playing up to the crowd. The latest tekken 8 gameplay trailer shows the beast raising the roof with taunts and style. The personality of the game and character shine on through the screen as King showcases his move set in the most bombastic way he can.

King has always excelled as close-quarter, high-combo fighter. As the tekken 8 gameplay trailer shows, he sticks true to form. Earth-shaking grapples and throws will quickly become the bane of anyone foolish enough to step into the ring. King is known for having not only 10-move combos but also a few chain throws. These can bring an opponent down from full health to a controller-smashing KO in one fell swoop.

crystal clear gameplay trailer sound

Finally, The new tekken 8 gameplay trailer shows off the clarity and gravity of the soundscape. As a result, huge hits are accompanied by bassy blasts of sounds. The crowd cheers on every successful slam and combo. Great sound design is the secret to really adding meat to any combo fighter. I’m sure that King’s incredibly varied and eloquent vocabulary will be recorded beautifully for all to hear.

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