Kingdom Eighties reveals first gameplay, adds console versions

Kingdom Eighties: Summer of Greed

Kingdom Eighties: Summer of Greed

Publisher Raw Fury and developer Fury Studios have finally shared a first look at Kingdom Eighties: Summer of Greed alongside confirming console versions.

Their 1980s strategy/sim spinoff is now coming to Xbox Series X|S, Nintendo Switch, and PlayStation 5 alongside its previously announced Windows PC (via Steam) version.

Here’s a rundown on the game, plus its gameplay reveal trailer:

It was supposed to be a summer camp like any other: fresh air, a change of scenery, friendly new faces, everything you’ve been looking forward to after a long year. Then again, anything would be better than staying at home and hearing your parents argue day in and day out.

Yeah, that’s what you thought. Because a few days in, you’ve started to hear weird sounds after dusk, and seeing strange odd shapes with… glowing scarlet eyes?

Kingdom Eighties is a new and standalone title in the award-winning micro-strategy series, Kingdom. A love letter to the nostalgic days of bike riding, summer camps, and sitting around in your pajamas on a Saturday morning in front of the TV.

You play as The Leader, a young camp counselor who’ll have to protect their family and the entire town from the relentless attack of the mysterious Greed. The young neighborhood kids will be at your side, and you’ll also find some new friends along the way: The Champ, the Tinkerer, and the Wiz will lend you their skills and support in battle.

What is the secret of the Crown of the Creation, and why are the Greed trying to steal it?

New and returning Monarchs: Grab your bikes and get ready for a Summer of Greed!

A Kingdom for Veterans and Newcomers

Building upon the well-known mechanics in the Kingdom series, Kingdom Eighties adds a new storytelling approach. Recruit the neighborhood kids and assign them roles as builders or soldiers, and expand your territory while uncovering the secrets of your family lineage, the Greed, and the Crown of Creation.

Stronger Together

Kingdom Eighties is the story of four unlikely heroes and their friendship. You are The Leader, and the fate of the town rests on your shoulders, but you don’t have to bike alone: ​​The Champ, The Tinkerer and The Wiz will join your band and help you in the fight with their unique abilities.

Hit the Streets in Style

The summer camp is just the beginning! You will travel through different locations never seen before in the Kingdom series. Find some fresh wheels at the skateboard park, visit the shops on Main Street, and free the New Lands Mall from the Greed; all crafted with Kingdom’s distinctive, mesmerizing pixel-art.

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