Kirby Nintella Custom Design Joy Con by DYEPORT Review

Kirby Nintella Custom Design Joy Con by DYEPORT Review

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There was a time when gamers had almost endless options for unique controller designs and bizarre third-party concepts. There was not just Mad Catz and their hideously cheap builds and overly grooved ergonomics, but there were also stylish first-party transparent controllers too.

Options are nowhere near extensive these days. At best, gamers can hope for different colors or some soulless corporate logo emblazoned on the face of the hardware. Thankfully, the boys at DYEPORT have a modern solution to the modern corrosion of art. Hydro-dripping is a fascinating and low-cost process of transferring graphics onto virtually any object.

There is seemingly no limit to the process’ application; musical instruments, phone cases, car parts, or even your favorite sidearm can be stylized with your favorite designs. DYEPORT uses this paintless method to apply stylish graphics on controllers and they sent us a sample to see for ourselves. How does their hydro-drip technique hold up on a set of Joy-Cons? Find out in our Kirby Nintendo Custom Design Joy-Con by DYEPORT review!

DYEPORTS customs use first-party controllers. They don’t cut corners by getting a repugnantly designed, debilitated mystery third-party controller with some tacky build quality. These puppies are made from the genuine article and come boxed in their original packaging too.

DYEPORT seemingly had to disassemble the Joy-Cons to apply the hydro-drip method to the controllers’ casings. The effect is marvelous. There is no telling that there is another layer on top of the hard shell of the controllers. The only signs that these were originally lime green and hot pink is by observing the slotting area of ​​the Joy-Cons. These areas were likely left bare to ensure smooth clicks with the Switch tablet or controller shells.

The other area that is left blank that reveals the original Joy-Con colors is the wedge between the shoulder buttons and triggers. This oversight is a little disappointing and was likely done because the space is too small to fit any design on it. However, the mismatch of color does stand out and the solution could have been to have dyed the spot matching pink hue that fits the rest of the Nintella design.

The hydro-drip app feels like any other Joy-Con. There are no hints of imperfections, no peeling, no flaking or globs of uneven paint. The finish of the design is smooth with a fine grainy tooth that prevents slipping while throwing down in Bayonetta 3, Splatoon 3or any of your favorite Nintendo action games.

As for the design of the graphic on the controller; it is a whimsical and playful piece of pop art that features Kirby, everyone’s favorite pink puffball. Nutella, the sugary hazelnut condiment, and its graphic design aesthetic are remixed as jars of “Nintella”.

The Nintella jars are stuffed full of doughy Kirby goodness- a topping that is probably way sweeter than actual Nutella. The drawing is impressively detailed. Each Kirby in the jar is unique with different poses, and color, and sometimes has an accessory.

The hydro-drip process maintains a high level of detail, without any noticeable distortion. This piece of art, with a pattern as complex as it is, looks sharp and every little Kirby is readable. The little guys are very defined and the soft gradient shows no signs of bleeding or artifacting. It is an immaculate transfer with an appealing design that kids and Kirby fans will adore.

The Kirby Nintella Custom Design Joy-Con by DYEPORT is a real hit with children. Not long after unboxing it, my four-year-old instantly took notice and suddenly showed an interest in playing video games for the first time. Before he saw this controller, this boy always saw video games as that boring thing that old people do. DYEPORT’s frolicsome take on custom controller graphics proved to inspire this particular lad.

For $250, a Kirby Nintella custom may seem steep, but this is more than just a controller; it is also a work of art. Each DYEPORT custom is essentially a one-of-a-kind since the hydro-drip process results in a slightly different placement of the graphics.

If you want the reliability of a first-party controller but desire something stylish that makes a statement while you game at a party of friends, then DYEPORT will surely deliver. They feature a variety of designs and work with artists to create unique art for each controller across many platforms.

The Kirby Nintella Custom Design Joy-Con was reviewed using a retail unit provided by DYEPORT. You can find additional information about Niche Gamer’s review/ethics policy here.

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