Latest Roblox News: Fresh Codes For My Hello Kitty Cafe & Devious Lick Simulator, and Queues Are Finally Available For Popular Experiences

Latest Roblox News: Fresh Codes For Unboxing Simulator & Southwest Florida, and Roblox May Be Returning To China In The Future
Picture: Roblox Corporation

It seems that the Roblox company is striving to improve everyone’s favorite platform even further with some much-needed quality-of-life updates that continue pushing not only experiences but the namesake of the company forward in the right direction. Alongside this change, we’ve got some fresh new codes for My Hello Kitty Cafeand Devious Lick Simulator so players can get even more lost in their favorite games. Let’s jump right in, and get some sweet Hello Kitty prizes!

My Hello Kitty Cafe Codes (March 2023)

Picture: Rock Panda Games/Roblox

My Hello Kitty Cafe is an adorable little simulator that puts you in the shoes of an up-and-coming cafe head, but what makes this experience special is the ability to team up with Hello Kitty and friends to provide excellent service to your patrons. You won’t just be clicking on items, as you can help serve your customers, and explore a vast town that offers plenty of new decorations and plenty of amazing prizes to be found.

All My Hello Kitty Cafe Codes – Working

  • bebalnakret – Free Gatcha Ticket
  • HACMUSETTER – Free Gatcha Ticket
  • HAPPYGIFT – 200 Million Photo Visits
  • 500KSMILES – Pompompurin Ceiling Light
  • M1HK1CC1ATS – Free Gatcha Ticket
  • PRA3NDKB1UNNY – Free Gatcha Tickets
  • LIKEKITTYHL2 – 3 Free Gatcha Tickets
  • LIKEKITTYXR2 – 3 Free Gatcha Tickets
  • SMALLGIFT – 100 Million Photo Visits
  • LIKEKITTYXK2 – Pompompurin Mascot Item
  • thankyou – 300 Gems
  • LIKEKITTYFD2 – 3 Free Gatcha Tickets
  • LIKEKITTYKD2 – 3 Free Gatcha Tickets
  • LIKEKITTYDD2 – Artistic Waffle
  • LIKEKITTYQD2 – Pompompurin Photo Decoration
  • LIKEKITTYCD2 – Free Gatcha Ticket
  • LIKEKITTYGD2 – 3 Free Gatcha Tickets
  • LIKEKITTYED2 – 300 Diamonds
  • LIKEKITTYAD2 – Free Sunflower Decoration
  • LIKEKITTYBD2 – 100 Gems

All My Hello Kitty Cafe Codes – Expired

  • R6P8GM5KH2KC
  • PDABP62
  • cctxbp

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Devious Lick Simulator Codes (March 2023)


In Devious Lick Simulator, you’ll be tasked to snag the most devious lick, also known as grabbing the most bizarre items, and not get caught. Starting as a huge trend on TikTok and other social media platforms, you’ll need to make sure that you get the best stuff before other players can steal it from beneath you. Become the master of the server, and be the most dubious little creature imaginable in this unique simulator experience.

All Devious Lick Simulator Codes – Working

  • ANOTHERL8UPD8 – 3 Hours of Super Luck
  • SUPERLUCKYHEART – 30 Minutes of Super Luck
  • LUCKY HEART – 30 Minutes of x2 Luck
  • SHINYHEART – 30 minutes of x2 Shiny Chance
  • VERYLUCKY – Super Lucky Effect
  • ILLUMINATI – 30 Minutes of x2 Coins
  • L8THIRDUPD8 – 3 Hours of x2 Luck
  • Slowly – 30 Minutes of x2 Luck
  • – 2 Hours of x2 Strength
  • RELEASE – 100 Coins

All Devious Lick Simulator Codes – Expired

Roblox Implements A Queue System For Popular Experiences’

With popular titles like Front lines getting more attention in recent months, you may find yourself stuck waiting to get into these kinds of experiences. However, it seems that Roblox is finally changing that by implementing a proper queue system for players to wait in, rather than needing to exit and come back after a while.

This is great news, especially with rising numbers of concurrent players, waiting in line is now a part of the revamped Roblox system that is rolling out in increments. Not only that, but with the renewed interest in a more mature audienceit seems that Roblox is finally pushing toward the respect that it deserves.

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