Latest Roblox News: Fresh Codes For Type Or Die & Kill Monsters to Save Princess, and Limited Time UGC Is On The Way

Latest Roblox News: Fresh Codes For Unboxing Simulator & Southwest Florida, and Roblox May Be Returning To China In The Future
Picture: Roblox Corporation

It looks like content creators are going to get the ability to add in some Special Edition Items on the Roblox Marketplace, but there seem to be a few stipulations on how they are going to work. Are you excited to get some exclusive swag, even if it costs a bit more money? Before we get into that, let’s jump into some new codes for Type or Dieand Kill Monsters To Save Princess so we can claim plenty of free items and goodies to become the best on the server without even trying.

Type or Die Codes (March 2023)

Image: Type or Die / Roblox

If you’re hoping to showcase your typing skills, Type or Die could be the perfect experience for you. You’ll need to flex your big brain muscles and answer questions with the biggest answers possible to keep growing your tower to avoid getting stuck in the lava that keeps on rising. Be the last one to survive, and use these codes to get a head start against your enemies!

All Type or Die Codes – Working

  • Snowman – 200 Coins
  • 35000LIKES – 200 Coins
  • 200COINS – 200 Coins
  • HAPPYHOLIDAYS – 500 Coins

All Type or Die Codes – Expired

  • 20000LIKES
  • 30000LIKES
  • 25000LIKES

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Kill Monsters To Save Princess Codes (March 2023)

Image: XiaoChen Simulator/Roblox

In Kill Monsters To Save Princess, you’re going to need to do exactly as it says: kill monsters to save your fiance. The combat in this experience is buttery smooth, and with these codes, you’ll find yourself rocketing toward the top of the server and getting closer than ever to saving the one that you love. Make sure that you’re prepared before jumping in, and get ready to rumble against some big baddies in this exciting experience.

All Kill Monsters To Save Princess Codes – Working

  • like300 – 50 Gems
  • like200 – 30 Gems
  • like 100 – 20 Gems

All Kill Monsters To Save Princess Codes – Expired

  • 1000like
  • 5000like
  • 10000like
  • Welcome
  • like50

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Creators Can Upload Limited Time UGC, But There Is A Catch

If you’re hoping to build some hype for a new experience, or if you’re hoping to purchase something made by your favorite Content Creator, you’re in luck. With a new update, creators and developers can upload Limited Time UGC items, and it seems that this could be big. You are only able to upload 1 Limited-Time UGC item per 24-hour period, and there is an even more shocking part to this all.

With every Limited Time UGC item, there is going to be a publishing feewhich is a currently unknown amount of Robux. This means that people will not be able to spam specific items over and over again, so hopefully, this prevents players from uploading silly items for no reason. This could be a huge update, and we hope to see some truly unique items come out of this.

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