Leaks hint at a Dead by Daylight and Meet Your Maker crossover event entering the fog in mid-April

Leaks hint at a Dead by Daylight and Meet Your Maker crossover event entering the fog in mid-April

Dead by Daylight’s developer Behavior Interactive posted a teaser image yesterday for an upcoming crossover event with Meet Your Maker. Shortly after, reliable leakers shared details of the event, including the new mechanics it brings with it, and the rewards players can earn during it.

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A Dead by Daylight leaker by the name of LeaksbyDaylight shared details of what it believes players will be doing during the upcoming crossover event with Meet Your Maker. Given that the game is another Behavior Interactive title, it looks like this crossover is much more in-depth than, say, the Attack on Titan one was, with much more than mere cosmetics to buy.

According to LeaksbyDaylight, players will be able to find three types of barrels during the Meet Your Maker event. The barrels with either be green, yellow, or red, depending on the stage of the Trial. The barrels resemble the Genmat you need to gather in Meet Your Maker, showing that The Entity is reaching into that game’s universe, pulling at materials that might benefit it. Interacting with these barrels is said to reveal the auras of Survivors, beneficial to both other Survivors and Killers, but will also net you one of the three crossover-exclusive Charms. Images of these new Charms were recirculated overnight.

It also looks like there will be some exclusive Killer cosmetics to earn. So far, we haven’t seen anything for Survivors, but we’d expect there to be something because there usually is with any Dead by Daylight event.

The dates suggested for the event seem inaccurate, though, since they alleged that it would start on March 14. However, with the knowledge that Meet Your Maker will be released on April 4, it’s more likely the event will come closer to that date. As per Behavior Interactive’s own roadmap for Dead by Daylight Year 7, a new Tome is set to start in April, but no in-game event is listed. The event could be a surprise, but will almost certainly tie-in with the new Tome since, among the leaks, there’s a suggestion that players will get double Rift Fragments while it’s live. This would give them either a great head start on the new Tome or a way to power through to the end of the current one for the final few cosmetics.

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