Left to Survive promo codes (April 2023)

Left to Survive promo codes (April 2023)

This article contains all of the currently available Left to Survive promo codes, as well as instructions on how to use them. Redeem the codes listed below before they expire to earn currency, resources, and other in-game incentives.

Of course, we are featuring a huge collection of codes including Call of Dragons redeem codes, Mighty Doom codes and many others. Look around – you’re bound to find something useful.

Left to Survive active codes

  • D7CE7C79
  • MA37G2E6
  • START22
  • UNDEAD22

Expired codes

  • 3RT2U77D
  • 4QQF44W4
  • A45DT9F4
  • AD43BS77
  • AL73N7V2
  • AP78V27P
  • AS34DF67
  • ASDF8345
  • BDAY3333
  • C88PN3R4
  • CA45T8NY
  • D7A7R3A4
  • D7SC8R58
  • DAF476E3
  • DT689A7
  • ER6D935J
  • F4C588FF
  • F7YT6S48
  • F7YT6S48
  • FA46DE78
  • FGH678R3
  • GF567AD9
  • GH5SD892
  • H8RDE286
  • H8RDE383
  • H8RDE742
  • HA77YZ84
  • HA78VE45
  • HUN652T9
  • J7NG732R
  • JU2TR473
  • LJ5398DF
  • MA37G2E6
  • MER7Y382
  • NE78AE65
  • P2STH343
  • RA7D888D
  • RA7DB424
  • RAD4W367
  • S7AR28M8
  • S7V7FT77
  • SD67RT34
  • SE4HT873
  • SU49K7R6
  • T2M3P4ST
  • T7M3FU74
  • VA7ET777
  • YT4D275K
  • ZA45ZU67
  • ZAY78S32
  • ZAZ376T5
  • ZBS2Z277

How to redeem the promo codes

Left to Survive promo code redemption

If you have never used promo codes in Left to Survive before, below we will describe the process in a few simple steps.

  • Launch Left to Survive on your device and load the game.
  • Once you are in the main lobby, look for the gold bars icon on the top right of your screen and select it.
  • Tap on the “Promo Codes” button and a new text box will appear.
  • Type in one of the codes from our list in the text box and hit “OK”.

That’s all. If you did everything right, you should be able to claim your free rewards.

Beware of various sites offering code generators as these are a scam. Don’t trust anyone who’s offering codes in exchange for currency. Only the game developers can release new codes for their game – in this case, UPWAKE.ME. With that said, the codes will remain active for a limited amount of time before they expire. Make sure to redeem them as soon as they appear on our list so you won’t miss out on any freebies from the developers.

If you are having issues redeeming the codes, be sure to type them in exactly as they are shown on our list. Check back on this page regularly as we always update our list whenever a new code has been made available.

About the game

UPWAKE.ME’s Left to Survive is a free-to-play action-shooter zombie game for iOS and Android smartphones. Life is no longer what it once was: people are battling for their lives, and the Earth now belongs to the undead. It’s up to you to rescue humanity from the zombie apocalypse.

Try to survive against zombies by securing safe havens and saving survivors with rifles, grenades, shotguns, and everything else in your arsenal. Construct an encampment to protect yourself from various hostile assaults. Climb to the helicopter and sabotage enemy bases to grab their resources. Compete in single and team multiplayer modes against other players. Join forces with other human groups. Rescue stranded people and clear zombie-infested locations with a slew of powerful weaponry.

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