Life Makeover, Archosaur Games’ upcoming dress-up sim with realistic details, is now open for pre-registration

Life Makeover, Archosaur Games' upcoming dress-up sim with realistic details, is now open for pre-registration

Archosaur Games has officially opened pre-registration sign-ups for Life Makeover, the studio’s new dress-up sim on mobile. In Life Makeover, players can experience a wide range of diverse fashion styles, immersive social interaction and lifestyles, as well as its stunning visuals. Today, Archosaur Games also announced a test for the early look and players can sign up at their official website.

To express the gratitude to players for a long-lasting support, players who pre-register on iOS App Store and Google Play Store Players can soon get a set of first limited outfits dibs and valuable items, including 25 free gacha, on the title at the launch. and experience its wide range of diverse fashion styles as well as its stunning visuals.

In Life Makeover, players can look forward to creating gorgeous avatars and dressing them up in fab outfits with unique patterns and styles. They can also build their own homes and join their online buddies from across the globe. There are tons of customization options available from body parts to meticulously detailed clothes crafted with Unreal Engine 4 – a quality you can expect from the masterminds behind Dragon Raja.

The game also boasts a deep home system where players can build their very own dream house, whether they want to live a luxurious life in a penthouse or chill on the low-key lands of a simple farmhouse. All these are presented with realistic detail that offers a true-to-life visual experience when it comes to fabrics, hair, clothes, skin texture, and even the way accessories glow.

If you’re keen on getting your hands on the game during its early access phase, you can sign up on the official website to give it a go when the test goes live on March 20th. For now, you can head on over to the iOS App Store and the Google Play Store for Android devices to pre-register, or join the community of followers on Facebook to stay updated on all the latest developments.

The dev team of Life Makeover, who brought Dragon Raja to life, is dedicated to creating something new and more detailed with Unreal Engine 4 for all players, especially to those who want to create a virtual image and dress up and interact with friends over the world.

Don’t forget to pre-register Life Makeover and sign up on their official website for the test on March, 20.

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